From 10k to 100k Views on TikTok: real case with Amedia Social

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Going viral on TikTok is possible for anyone. TikTok’s virality is very different from that of other social networks.

The speed with which content becomes trending is largely the fault of a highly interactive community, which has created a special culture of going viral.

That represents a huge opportunity for any content creator on TikTok. A video can become trending in a matter of hours.

TikTok, a social network for having fun

If we had to choose the two legs on which any successful content on TikTok is based, they would be ENTERTAINMENT and CREATIVITY.

A video on this social network has to be, above all, entertaining. If we add the creative factor, the result is usually successful. But this is not always the case.

There are many, many, many tiktokers that fall by the wayside, even if their content is great.

This is the case of some of Amedia Social‘s clients, who come to us to take an extra step on the platform, an extra that helps them stand out.

Growing on TikTok with Amedia Social

Taking the data from a real case (we do not expose his name or TikTok account to ensure the confidentiality of the service), it was possible to go from 10k to 100k TikTok views in a matter of weeks.

The profile is not unlike many others on TikTok: the account of a user sharing humorous videos and funny challenges. 

However, and despite the obvious talent that the tiktoker has to bring a smile to any of the most everyday situations, his numbers remain stagnant and that does not allow him to monetize.

The complete pack for TikTokers

This is when we offer you the following:

  1. 10,000 TikTok followers 
  2. 100,000 hits for your publications
  3. 10.000 likes for your TikToks

All this is part of one of the modalities of our tiktoker pack, a service that offers everything you need to stand out on the platform.

It is worth noting that the pack is more economical than the three services separately.

After acquiring this pack, there is a noticeable improvement in the image of your profile and in the reach of your publications.

So much so, that he manages to appear in the ‘For you’ section with some of his tiktoks, which gives him a huge virality.

In a matter of a few weeks, the views on his videos went from about 10k to 100k views on TikTok, not only with pack views but with organic views from other users.

This, added to the tiktoker’s communicative capacity to engage its fans, is taking its publications to the place they deserve.

You too can take your profile to the next level

This profile is not the only success story of Amedia Social. In our long trajectory, we have boosted the potential of dozens of tiktokers, taking them to the goal they were looking.

  • Buy TikTok followers 
  • Buy Views on TikTok

It is a fast and safe process. In a matter of hours you will see your results.

Start standing out in TikTok! 


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