How to Get 10 Million Views for YouTube Shorts?

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With the growing popularity of short videos and the explosion of TikTok, YouTube did not lag behind and launched its own viral format: YouTube Shorts.

We know that, in this format, an important milestone is to get 10 million views. We tell you why this particular figure and 3 original ways to get them.

Brief Introduction to YouTube Shorts: What Are They?

YouTube Shorts are short videos up to 60 seconds long that are played in vertical format. They were launched by YouTube as a response to the success of short video platforms such as TikTok.

Shorts are designed to be:

  • Quick
  • Entertaining
  • Easy to consume.

YouTube Shorts have become a powerful tool for attracting new subscribers to a channel. Because of their viral format and the way they are displayed on the YouTube homepage, Shorts have great potential to generate thousands of views.

When a Short becomes popular and widely shared, it can reach a wider audience and draw attention to the channel that created it.  

Why Get 10 Million Views for YouTube Shorts?

Reaching 10 million views on YouTube Shorts is a significant milestone, as it can help creators to bypass the typical 4,000 watch hours requirement for the YouTube Partner Program.

To become eligible for monetization through YouTube Shorts, creators must meet the following requirements:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days
  • Shorts content that complies with YouTube’s Partner Program policies and community guidelines
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3 Original Ways to Get 10 Million Views for YouTube Shorts

You may think this figure is too high, but it is not so difficult to achieve. Keep in mind that, as soon as they go viral, your shorts can get thousands and thousands of views.

In any case, not everyone reaches 10 million, so we give you 3 easy tricks that work:  

1. Improves Audience Retention

In YouTube Shorts, audience retention rate is a key factor in the success of your videos. This metric represents the amount of time viewers spend watching your video compared to its total duration. Some tips to improve the retention of your Shorts can be:

Create expectation during the first three seconds

In a format as dynamic as shorts, you must give your viewers a reason to stay.

➜ How do you do it? You can include visual hooks, pose an intriguing question, or show a preview of the bulk of the content without giving everything away.

Keep up the pace

In YouTube Shorts, it is important to keep a fast pace to prevent viewers from getting bored. Avoid unnecessary repetition or segments that go on too long.

Leverages popular trends and themes

Stay on top of trends and popular topics on YouTube Shorts. You can create content related to these topics to capture the attention of a wider audience.

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2. Buy Views for Your Shorts

As we have already mentioned, to monetize a channel with YouTube Shorts you have to have more than 1000 subscribers and more views on YouTube Shorts, in addition to having double verification of your account.

At Amedia Social you can accelerate this process by buying Shorts views directly. This is the fastest and most effective method to grow on the platform, without putting your channel at risk.

3. Adapt the Content to the Shorts

As you may have seen, YouTube Shorts contains content more similar to TikTok. Some ideas for creating content in this format are as follows:

  1. 15-second challenge: Create a creative or fun challenge that viewers can do in just 15 seconds and encourage the community to participate.
  2. Mini tutorials: Create mini tutorials of useful skills or tricks in just a few seconds.
  3. Thematic compilations: Create compilations of funny, tender or surprising moments related to a specific theme.
  4. Quick Q&A: Invite your followers to submit questions and answer several of them in 10 seconds each.
  5. Creative challenges: Launch creative challenges and motivate your followers to make short videos in response.

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