10 tactics to get more Likes on Instagram

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Instagram is a social network with a brutal potential reach: specifically 1.27 billion users according to data from We Are Social. Despite all that potential, you may still be wondering how to get more Instagram Likes.

A single post can generate a lot of buzz on Instagram, as long as it’s posted correctly.

To make this happen, we offer you a series of tips on how to get more likes on Instagram.

1. Publish at the Best Times

There is no such thing as a 100% effective posting schedule, as it depends a lot on the audience you want to target. However, it is known that Instagram users choose off hours to get away from work and scroll through this social network.  

That’s why one of your first jobs should be to find out the off hours of your target audience. They are almost always:

  • Between 12:00 am y 2:00 pm
  • In the evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
Chart of the Best Times to Post on Instagram

2. Buy Instagram Likes

This is possible if you buy Instagram Likes, away to accelerate notoriety on the posts you are most interested in while creating an organic strategy.

In fact, this is the fastest and most effective method to gain ‘likes’. You can choose the amount you want and from which country are the likes.

These are cheap and real likes, so take advantage and start your growth on Instagram with Amedia Social.

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3. Publish on the Best Days

Another way to get more likes on Instagram is to choose the best days, and that largely depends on your target audience.

  • For example, B2C brands (those that target customers directly), tend to do better on weekends.
  • But B2B Instagram accounts (between two brands or companies) might have a better effect on weekdays, as on weekends the company accounts might be on break and not mobile.

Through Insights, you will be able to find the best days to post on Instagram for your case, since you will be able to know the activity peaks of your followers.

3. Refine Your Hashtag Strategy

First of all, use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, as it is not a good strategy to post #entrepreneurs, when your brand is posting a bake sale article.

This can be interpreted as an attempt to overreach or even spam, which detracts from your brand’s reputation.

It is best to collect the hashtags that are most relevant to your brand and your industry and use them frequently.

Do not use more than 20 hashtags for each post you publish.

4. Proper Labeling 

When a user appears in your posts, the right thing to do is to give them the credit they deserve. And that on Instagram is done by tagging each user.

The tags produce an effect of appreciation towards the brand, and this will surely be reflected in an increase of likes. Hopefully, they will even leave you a comment.

For any user, it’s usually exciting to be tagged by a brand – take advantage of it!

6. Keep Publishing ALWAYS

It is important that you keep an active account in any social network, because people like to interact and flee from inactive networks.

If you’re wondering how often to post content, we can assure you that the more active an account is, the better.

Ideally, you should post once a day, but if you don’t have the time or can’t count on the help of a network administrator, at least post once or twice a week.

This will help you to have a steady following, and followers are almost always ambassadors of your brand, so they will give you likes every time you post.

7. Take Care of the Design of Your Feed

Be concerned about the visual message projected by the feed. It must transmit coherence in colors, brand style and even a good story.

First-time visitors to your feed should know, at a glance, what your brand is all about. That’s why combining good photos with strategic content is always important.

If any content attracts the curious, they will not hesitate to leave you a good heart.

Montage of Instagram Like Icons

8. Share Content on Other Networks

To increase ‘likes’ it is necessary to ensure a large reach, so a good strategy to get more likes on Instagram is to share Instagram content on other networks.

For example, on blogs, you can install an Instagram plugin that your posts. You can also post buttons that lead your blog readers to your Instagram profile.

Similarly, Facebook makes it easy for you to connect with Instagram. Take advantage of the connection between these two social networks to create shared content.

9. Create Content That Appeals to the Eyes

Instagram is a very visual social network, so be sure to upload content that can be self-explanatory with a photo, infographic or video.

Learn how to tell a story with images. This is called Storytelling, something that tends to generate more interactions and reach.

10. Share the Publications in Your Stories

Many users are more attentive to the carousel of stories than to the publications. In fact, there is the possibility of receiving likes in stories.

A user may only find out about your new post if you share it in stories.

Of course, you can omit details to make users curious and enter the post in question. Many deliberately cover up some of the content to “catch” users and make them go directly to the post.

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