How Long Can an Instagram Video Last? – Video Duration Tips


How long can an Instagram video last? More precisely, how long should an Instagram video last? What should be done to ensure that your videos are watched within the rules set by Instagram? OK, that’s enough questions. Come on, let’s look for answers to these questions.

Instagram videos are a must for marketing strategy. With reels, stories and post videos, users can offer different content to their target audiences.

Each feature must be loaded according to various criteria. The algorithm is not your enemy here! If it puts a video limit on you, it must know something!

Because your users may not want to watch long videos. That’s what YouTube is for, right? You should also optimize your video properly to get more likes on Instagram.

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Instagram Video Durations


Now, let’s first look at what Instagram videos cover. To upload videos rather than images, you can use these features:

  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live

There are many features to upload videos. You can upload videos of different lengths to each one. Let’s look at the Instagram maximum video durations one by one.

How Long Can an Instagram Reel Last?

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Instagram allows you to share Reels of up to 90 seconds. You can share a single video or the edited version of multiple videos as Reels of up to 90 seconds.

Reels, which entered our lives as an Instagram feature in 2022, is not one of the sections we use most? When we first met, we thought: How similar it is to TikTok videos!

Yes, seeing that TikTok videos have taken over our lives, Instagram was not late and gave us the Reels feature. Although Reels shared in vertical format can be up to 90 seconds, it is actually a special recommendation of the Instagram algorithm that you create shorter videos.

How many seconds should an Instagram Reel last? In fact, we know that 10 to 20 seconds is ideal. If you’re determined to put on a 90-second Reels, you’ll want to make sure it’s engaging.

Testing this will benefit you. For example, share Reels videos of different lengths and then check the engagement rates. Discover how long videos have the potential to give more engagement to your target audience.

By focusing on how to calculate Instagram engagement rate, you can create the ideal Reels length according to your own target audience.

How Long Can an Instagram Video Last?

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Instagram videos can be shared for up to 60 minutes. However, you can preview videos in your feed for 60 seconds.

Previously, there was IGTV to share long videos on Instagram. Users who shared long videos here could also create a separate feed stream. However, with the statement made by Instagram, the IGTV feature has been terminated.

Here is that announcement:

Update on March 28, 2022 at 7:00PM PT: At Instagram, we are working to simplify how people create and enjoy videos and make Reels a more central part of the experience. Because of our focus on Reels, In-Stream video ads—previously known as IGTV ads—will no longer be supported.

A hand holding a smartphone showing Instagram

After this announcement, you no longer have to leave the app for videos. (For IGTV videos, you had to leave the video.)

Now, you can post all Instagram Videos on your feed. Instagram videos can be viewed by clicking the video icon (triangle play button icon) above the grid when you go to the user profile.

How long should an Instagram video last? Well, you’ll rarely come across an Instagram user who uploads a 60-minute video. Because the average video viewing time on social media is 15 seconds.

Considering the “average 15 seconds” criterion, it is very unlikely that your followers will watch a 60-minute video. It is enough to use the video section for up to 3 minutes.

For longer videos, you must first prove that you are sharing quality content. Your followers should think like this: “This profile is very good, if s/he made a movie, I would watch it”. 

You can get Instagram verification, also known as a blue tick, to prove that you share quality videos. Find out how to get verified on Instagram, gain viewers’ trust and optimize video lengths.

How Long Can an Instagram Story Last?

Instagram story feature

An Instagram story can last up to 15 seconds. It will be automatically deleted 24 hours after posting. Since it is saved in the archive, it is possible to look at the stories you have posted later. You can also create highlights on your profile to make the story permanent.

The Instagram story feature is one of the developments that extinguished the popularity of Snapchat. Since its release, users may now be using Instagram just to post and watch stories. That’s why tests are constantly carried out on story duration.

It is also possible to share 60-second videos via Instagram. However, Instagram shares this with 15-second splits.

According to the latest news we’ve come across, Instagram is reportedly considering a substantial extension of the story duration. Essentially, the plan involves eliminating the time constraint altogether.

We find this proposition somewhat implausible and doubt its potential to capture users’ attention. Regardless, let’s proceed with our discussion.

How Long Can an Instagram Live Last?

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You can go live on Instagram for up to 4 hours. It is also possible to share the 15-minute version after the live session is over.

Instagram live videos used to be limited to just 60 minutes. People had to log out and restart to livestream longer than 60 minutes.

Instagram discovered the need for users to broadcast live for longer periods of time and increased this duration up to 4 hours.

After the Live session is completed, you can publish the video on your profile for up to 30 days. However, keep in mind that live replays do not include the likes or comments on your original live video.

People will be able to find and view your live video replays by tapping on the reels on your profile. Remember that you can’t edit or crop your live stream before sharing it as a replay.

What to Do If Instagram Video Exceeds Limit?

Instagram video editing tools

As a content creator, you should always be up to date on how you edit your Instagram posts. If there is a certain limit for the videos you create, that’s okay. You can always get new solutions.

If the video you want to share exceeds the limit set by Instagram, you can use the methods below.

  • Trim your video: Instagram has a handy trimming tool built into it. You can trim your video from here and bring it to the desired limit. Moreover, it is free to use. So you don’t have to use any video trimming app.
  • Create Video Carousel: Well, if you say you don’t want to crop your video, then share it in different lengths! You can create a video carousel post to break your content into shorter clips.


How Long Can Instagram Video Ads Last?

Instagram ad times are different from normal content. The maximum length of video ads shared in the feed can be 60 seconds. Story ad length can be a maximum of 15 seconds.

We share with you how long Instagram videos should be. Don’t forget to produce engaged content to increase the interaction rate of all your videos. Plus, you can show all your followers that your videos are popular by getting Instagram likes.

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Can I share a 10 minute video on Instagram?

It is possible to share videos up to 60 minutes on Instagram. A 10-minute video can be shared with the video upload feature.

Do videos stay on Instagram?

Instagram videos are automatically archived on your profile, providing a permanent record. Stories, on the other hand, are temporary and are deleted after 24 hours, unless saved as highlights in the profile section. Reels, similar to regular videos, are shared permanently. Live videos, however, have a 30-day retention period before being automatically deleted.

What replaces IGTV?

Instagram replaced IGTV with the easier-to-use Instagram Video feature.