How Much Does Kick Pay? – Is It Possible to Get Paid Hourly?

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If you are a content creator who likes to make live broadcasts, the question of “How much does kick pay?” may interest you. Kick ensures that all content creators receive the earnings they deserve with the flexible platform it has created.

Let’s examine the question of how much does kick pay in detail.

What is

First of all, let’s look at what Kick is, what it does, and how much you should consider the Kick platform as a content creator. Kick has attracted great attention since it was launched in 2023 as a streaming platform. There are main reasons for this, but the most important reason is the opportunities it creates!

Compared to giant streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, Kick has relatively fewer users. Although Kick has 12 million active user data, this number continues to increase day by day. For example, Twitch has more than 140 million active users. 

Don’t worry, Kick will reach the number of Twitch users in a very short time:

kickcommunity tweet says "just you wait"

Why Choose Kick?

You might be wondering, why make the switch to Kick when there’s already a colossal platform like Twitch? The answer lies in the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits that competition brings.

Twitch is losing the number of users day by day with the bans it imposes on streamers. Although its aim is to create a tolerant and respectful environment, streamers may face many bans which restrict their creativity. Kick, on the other hand, keeps these rules much more flexible.

For example, there is no ban on gambling among the content guidelines. A few themes that are not allowed on Twitch can also be broadcast on Kick. Flexibility isn’t the biggest advantage Kick has. Especially for those who ask “How to monetize on Kick?” can find excellent opportunities for revenue generation.

Furthermore, achieving substantial views or accumulating a high number of subscribers is not a prerequisite. In fact, it is anticipated that significant updates will soon enhance the overall experience on Kick.

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It is advisable for you to consider joining Kick now, as those who establish themselves on the platform early are likely to reap substantial profits when the opportune moment arrives. Don’t miss out on the potential for significant growth and success.

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How Much Does Kick Pay Streamers?

Kick stands out with its profit-sharing model for streamers. Streamers are entitled to a remarkable 95% of subscription revenues generated through Kick, ensuring they receive a substantial portion of their earnings. Additionally, 100% of donations made on the platform go directly to the streamers’ accounts. 

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In comparison, Twitch offers only 50% of subscription revenues to streamers, while YouTube allows for a 70% income share. However, neither Twitch nor YouTube can rival the impressive 95% profit rate provided by Kick.

By the way, it is important to remember that Twitch also can offer different shares for each country. We don’t know how much Twitch pays in each country, but it’s definitely less than Kick.

How to Make Money on Kick?

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There are several different answers to the question of “How much does Kick pay?”. If you are primarily a content creator, you will need to enroll in the Kick Creator Program before you can start making money through Kick.

Once you sign up for the Kick Creator Program, you can now receive 95% of the subscription fees. For this, you have to have 75 or more followers. Plus, you must have a streaming history of 5 hours or more.

There is a section on your Kick profile where you can track this progress. Once you meet the required requirements, the “Enable Subscriptions” button appears. You can start receiving paid subscriptions with this button.

How Much Does Kick Pay Per Hour?

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Now let’s come to the critical question: How much does kick pay per hour? Actually, it would be better to ask this question this way: Does Kick pay an hourly streaming wage?

Streamers receive a streaming wage of $16 per hour if they meet certain criteria… How true is this? The following contract clause, which has been circulating on The X in the past months, attracted the attention of all streamers:

a screenshot of kick's statement articles

However, Kick did not make any statement on this matter. It is not clear who came up with this contract clause. Instead, Kick announced that they are working on a new Incentive Program.

What is the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

an X post of Kick's statement for the Creator Incentive Program

The Kick Creator Incentive Program, announced in August, is a pricing model that includes an hourly wage for streamers.

The newly announced requirements for the Kick Creator Incentive Program are as follows. (The requirements below are for Gaming. Requirements for musicians and artists may vary.)

  • 30 Days Avarave CCV: 99
  • 30 Days Average Subscriptions: 197
  • Direct Subscriptions: 57 out of 197
  • 30 Days Unique Chatters: 495
  • 30 Days Stream Hours: 76
  • Followers: 1596

These requirements specified by Kick may change as the program develops. It will be possible to control these metrics and track performance in real time with the Creator Control Panel.

Can Anyone Participate in the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

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As we mentioned above, this program is not for everyone. Kick has been making moves to ensure its creators get paid more. In fact, after the first phase, Kick announced the 50 streamers that will make up the second class of its Creative Incentive Program.

The answer to the question of “How much does kick pay streamers per hour?” has become clear. Kick will obviously pay generous fees to certain streamers. However, the platform also underlines with its tweets that there will be much greater opportunities in the future.

So you’d better start growing your profile by taking your place on Kick immediately. Because with Kick it will be possible to earn a full income as an independent streamer.

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What Are Other Ways to Make Money on Kick?

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Of course, being accepted to the Incentive Program is not the only way to make money through Kick. If you have over 75 followers and are broadcasting live for 5 hours, you can already start earning money from the subscriptions. However, let’s look at what you can make money from in addition to this.

1. Donations

Donations play a pivotal role in live broadcasts, serving as an essential element. All donations you accumulate during your live broadcasts—100% of them—are entirely yours. Boost your live broadcast donations by crafting engaging and compelling content that resonates with your viewers!

2. Collaborations

You can greatly increase your earnings by collaborating live. So much so that you may not even need an hourly wage. There are many ways to do collaborations. Below you can see the three most basic ones:

  • Affiliates: You can enable products of various brands to be purchased through the link you provide. So, if a product is purchased through you, you can also earn profit.
  • Partnerships: We can say that the next step of affiliates is Partnership. Here, you can provide regular discounts for your members by partnering with various brands. This way, both you and your community win.
  • Sponsorships: You can increase your earnings by finding a sponsorship for your streamings. For example, promoting a brand’s product on live broadcast could be an example of sponsorship.

3. Social Media Channels

Kick allows you to record a live stream and use it later. Live broadcasts are generally long-form content. You can take this content, cut it, transform it and turn it into different content and share it on other social media channels. This way, you can discover ways to activate not only Kick but also other social media channels.


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Who owns Kick?

Kick is supported by co-founders Bijan Tehrani, Ed Craven, and broadcast personality Trainwreckstv. Operated by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd.

How to become a Kick partner?

To become a kick partner, you must have 75 or more followers and a broadcast history of 5 hours. Then you can become a Kick partner as a content creator.

Does Kick pay streamers who break their contracts with Twitch?

Kick announced that they would pay the termination fee if they came to them by breaking their Twitch contract. Twitch says the termination charge break fee is $25. Kick states the following in its announcement on X:

“We will cover the $25 fee for anyone willing to break their contract and move to Kick.”

How much does Kick pay to stream?

Kick takes only 5% of the fee from subscriptions. In other words, content creators can keep 95% of the subscription earnings when they stream regularly. All donations go to content creators.

Does Kick actually pay hourly?

All content creators participating in the Kick Creator Incentive Program can earn an hourly wage and 95% subscription income.

Does Kick pay $16 per hour?

Kick states that it will pay hourly wages with the Kick Creator Incentive Program. However, no official statement has yet been made about how much will be paid.

Is Kick a safe streaming platform?

Kick states that it is a reliable platform where all personal data is protected. It is already preparing to overshadow platforms such as Twitch and Youtube with its professionalism.