How Much Does Mr Beast Make From Twitter? First Video on X


There is only one question on everyone’s mind these days: How much does Mr Beast make from Twitter? Of course, this question did not just pop into our minds.

Mr.Beast shared a post titled “MY FIRST VIDEO MADE OVER $250,000” on X on January 22, 2024. While users were quite surprised after this post, some thought “Is Mr Beast CEO of Twitter?”

Now we have prepared an explanatory blog for you to answer all the questions in your mind. In the rest of our article, you can find answers to many questions such as who is Mr Beast, how much does he earn on Twitter, did Elon Musk really give Twitter to Mr Beast.

Who is Mr Beast on Twitter?

YouTube video

We all know James Stephen Jimmy Donaldson as Mr Beast. Donaldson, who gained fame as an American YouTuber, is known for his high-quality content and giveaways.

Mr Beast, which is the direct answer to the question of who earns the most on YouTube with over 236 million subscribers, is also on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok with the same name.

Mr Beast, who started his YouTube channel in 2012, was only 13 years old. The social media celebrity, who was born in 1998, has amassed an impressive fortune in the intervening years.

The “counting to 100,000” video he shared in 2017 received thousands of views in a few days. Afterwards, he rose to the top with the videos he produced in the field of creative content, which is one of the profitable YouTube niches.

MrBeast specializes in creating content on philanthropy, challenges, and many more interesting topics. He is also a source of inspiration for beginner YouTubers. Many are trying to follow in his footsteps by collecting information about how to go viral on YouTube like Mr Beast.

If you want to make a name for yourself by earning big money like Mr Beast, you can focus on increasing your number of subscribers.

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Mr Beast Twitter Fame


Now let’s talk about Twitter. Mr Beast has more than 28 million followers on Twitter, namely X. Although his main area is YouTube, he joined the Twitter world in April 2014.

Mr Beast, who has been publishing announcements and various posts on Twitter since the day he joined, can also receive a lot of criticism. Despite all the good he has done, users may think: Why does Twitter hate Mr Beast?

Twitter users sometimes say his good deeds are ostentatious or just to get attention. There are many people who say that if you are going to do good, do it without showing it. Others say they are inspired by his good deeds and that he encourages them to become better people.

Mr. Beast recently managed to become one of the trending topics on Twitter by saying that he would give away $25,000 to 10 people. Now it’s time to dig into our main topic!

Mr Beast Twitter Revenue

Considering his popularity, Mr Beast Twitter revenue is also quite curious.

In addition to making money with sponsored tweets on Twitter, Mr. Beast is also active in many different fields. His Twitter ads and affiliate marketing revenues are quite high.

Jimmy Donaldson also earns money with Paid Subscription. Followers can access Mr Beast exclusive content by paying $5 monthly to see exclusive content.

Since he is a quality content expert, it can be estimated that his number of Paid Subs is high. Even Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, pays Mr Beast to see exclusive content!


We will return to the question of how to make money on Twitter. However, speaking of Elon Musk, how about taking a look at the most popular event of recent times?

Did Mr. Beast Buy Twitter?

Is Mr Beast CEO of Twitter? Well, the speculation about whether Mr. Beast is the CEO of Twitter did not arise without reason; it originated from Mr. Beast’s post, “Can I be the new Twitter CEO?

elon musk-answers-to-mrbeast-tweet

This initial question was met with Elon Musk’s response, describing it as “It’s not out of the question.” Since then, Mr. Beast has been persistently expressing his interest in assuming the role of Twitter CEO.

He is ambitious enough to write “X Super Official CEO” in his profile bio!

When Elon Musk later announced the appointment of a new Twitter CEO, Mr. Beast indicated his readiness to step in if the newly appointed CEO faced challenges in performing the role.


The most intriguing development fueling speculation is Elon Musk seemingly granting Mr. Beast permission to take over Twitter in the event of Musk’s death!


Now that the context is clear, ongoing discussions about whether Mr. Beast will become the new CEO encompass various perspectives, with some dismissing it as mere “humor” and others anticipating that “the truth will soon be revealed.”

Mr Beast still keeps this tweet at the top of his profile. He obviously doesn’t want anyone to go back on their word. No one knows whether this is entertainment or a serious issue for the internet world.

However, there is another issue that we know for sure! This is the income Mr Beast earned with the video he shared on X. Come on, let’s find out how much does Mr Beast make on Twitter?

How Much Does Mr Beast Make From Twitter?

X platform launched an application called Ad Revenue for influencers to make money. With these, it becomes possible to earn advertising revenue from all interactions received on a post.

Hearing this, Mr Beast decides to post an old video of his for testing. This tweet he then sent goes viral:


Of course, users cannot hide their surprise at the number they see. However, Mr Beast says this figure is a misconception. 

Because this money is far below other social media earnings. As a social media giant, Mr Beast is active on many different platforms.

As Forbes said, Mr Beast has over 300 million followers on social media, almost as big as the US!

So what Mr Beast means is: I can earn much more than this on YouTube. (which he did!)

Mr Beast, an expert on how to monetize YouTube, says that video production costs do not match the money given by Twitter. So, according to Mr Beast, Twitter is far from being a source of income for influencers.

He makes this statement in a tweet: “My videos cost millions to make and even if they got a billion views on X it wouldn’t fund a fraction of it.”

Therefore, Mr Beast decides to gift the money he earns from Twitter to his followers instead of seeing it as profit. He says he will give $25,000 to 10 random people who repost his tweet and follow him!

This is not the first giveaway Mr Beast has made on Twitter. In a post he made in July 2023, he said that he would give one month’s Twitter earnings to one of his followers! Do you wonder who won mr beast twitter revenue?


Let’s satisfy your curiosity right away. Popular French content creator Arkunir won Mr Beast’s earnings!

How to Make Money on Twitter like Mr Beast?

A hand holding a smartphone

Want to make money on Twitter like Mr Beast? Then we recommend you take a look at the strategies below. Increase your social media revenues with Twitter monetization!

1. Video Monetization

The first way to make money with Twitter is video monetization. At this point, you are presented with a different option.

  • Amplify Pre-Roll: Created to help advertisers adapt to secure content and generate additional revenue for content creators.
  • Amplify Sponsorships: Created for creators to strengthen their premium content.

2. Paid Subscription, a.k.a, Super Follows

With Super Follow, which was created for the purpose of content creators to generate monthly income, you can offer premium content to your followers and request a monthly subscription fee.

The monthly Twitter subscription fee can be set between $2.99 and $9.99.

It is also possible to use the Tips feature through a third-party payment service. Enable the Tips feature and let your followers tip you on Twitter.

3. Sponsored Tweets

A woman's hand touching the tweet text

If you have high followers on Twitter, big brands will want to collaborate with you. You can find brands that will pay you to promote their products or services.

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4. Promoting Your Brand’s Products

If your brand has products or services, using Twitter to promote them to your followers can provide you with additional income.

With Twitter marketing, you can apply special strategies to reach your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Mr Beast is undoubtedly very active not only on Twitter but on all social media channels. If you want to earn money like Mr. Beast, do not forget to expand your target audience.

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frequently asked questions

How much did MrBeast make on Twitter?

Mr Beast earned $263,655 with the video post he published as a test on Twitter.

How much is MrBeast worth 2024?

By 2024, MrBeast’s net income is estimated to be over $500.

Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

With over 236 million YouTube subscribers and a value of over $500, Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) is the highest paid YouTuber.