How much does a small YouTube channel earn: is it enough?

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Is it possible to make money being a small YouTuber? From how many views can we make a living from content creation?

To answer these questions, we review how much a small channel earns on YouTube and compare it with the big stars of the platform.

To start earning money on YouTube it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, such as having 1,000 YouTube subscribers or 4,000 watch hours on the channel. However, this does not mean that from these figures we can make a living from the videos.

Does a small youtuber charge the same as a big one?


How much does a small YouTube channel charge?

Let’s take the example of a YouTube channel with 50,000 subscribers and an average of 100,000 views per video.

During the last month, it has achieved a total of 1 million views.

Based on the number of views, you would be entitled to around 500 euros RPM (return per 1,000 impressions). However, you have to subtract the views with very few seconds that do not bring any economic benefit, so the figure would be lower.

If the channel has made any sponsorship collaboration or is affiliated with any company, that part must be added.


How much does a large YouTube channel charge?

One of the most relevant youtubers in Spain is DjMariio. Although his main vocation is as a streamer, he regularly uploads Twitch clips and content to YouTube. 

We put his example because he is one of the content creators who has revealed what he charges from the platform.

What differentiates you from a small youtuber?

  • First of all, the obvious: it has higher numbers.
  • Advertisers want to appear more in your videos, so the CPM they pay will be higher and they will take more revenue per thousand views on YouTube.
  • He collaborates with brands (usually related to the world of soccer).
  • Each video has a sponsor.
  • It has other revenues derived from YouTube.

It is difficult to know exactly what DjMariio earns from RPM, but the figure must be closer to a euro per thousand impressions than 40 cents.

During one of his Twitch livestreams, he revealed that YouTube’s monthly revenue was €24,933.60

What does it take to make a living from YouTube?

As we have already pointed out, the first thing we must do to make money on YouTube is to meet the monetization requirements.

At Amedia Social we have a youtuber pack with everything you need (subscribers, likes and watch hours) to enter the Partner Program.

Following the above practical example, it would take about two million views to collect the minimum wage in Spain. The figure should be higher in other countries.


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