How much does Spotify pay in each country? Updated List

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Spotify is an essential platform for today’s artists. It makes their music available to everyone and allows them to make a profit from their art and dedication.

While there are many factors that go into the equation, we can calculate how much Spotify pays in each country.

Whether you’re an emerging artist or you’re considering uploading your podcast to Spotify, this might interest you.

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How much does Spotify pay in each country based on plays?

As we have already pointed out, there are many variables that can change the total profits of creators or artists. However, the most important factor is still the total number of plays.

In Spain

If we monetize in euros, Spotify pays about €0.18 per 100 plays.

In the United States

If we monetize in dollars, Spotify pays about $0.4 per 100 plays.

In Chile

Converting to Chilean currency, Spotify pays about 81.5 Chilean pesos per 100 plays.

In Mexico

Converting to Mexican currency, Spotify pays about 3.7 Mexican pesos per 100 plays.

In Colombia

Converting to Colombian currency, Spotify pays about 944.2 Colombian pesos per 100 plays.

In Argentina

Converting to Argentine currency, Spotify pays about 36.5 Argentine pesos per 100 plays.

In the Dominican Republic

Converting to Dominican currency, Spotify pays about 11.4 Dominican pesos per 100 plays.

In Bolivia

Converting to Bolivian currency, Spotify pays about 69.3 bolivianos per 100 plays.

In Uruguay

Converting to Uruguayan currency, Spotify pays about 397.9 Uruguayan pesos per 100 plays.

In Venezuela

Converting to Venezuelan currency, Spotify pays about 4 bolivars per 100 plays.

In Paraguay

Converting to Paraguayan currency, Spotify pays about 1,483 guaraníes per 100 plays.

In Panama

In Panama, Spotify pays about $0.3 per 100 plays.

In Ecuador

In Panama, Spotify pays about $0.2 per 100 plays.

In Guatemala

In Guatemala, Spotify pays about 0.79 Guatemalan quetzals per 100 plays.

In Peru

In Peru, Spotify pays about 0.77 Peruvian soles per 100 plays.

In Honduras

In Honduras, Spotify pays about 5 Honduran lempiras per 100 plays.

How many plays do you need to start getting paid?

Normally, the minimum amount to be charged is written in the distribution contract (artist – distributor), so there is no general minimum figure.

However, the minimum for them to transfer money to our account is 1 dollar, so we would need about 250 plays to receive the first payment.

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