How much does Twitch pay in each country? Find out

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Although content creator always gets 50%, Twitch subscription is not worth the same in all countries.

To find out what you can earn as a streamer, we have prepared a list with real figures to find out how much Twitch pays in each country.

 Big names like XQC, Ibai Llanos or Asmongold earn large sums of money thanks to their streams.

But how much exactly do they earn?

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How much does Twitch pay in each country based on subscription?

United States

If we monetize in dollars, Twitch pays $2,495 per subscription in the United States.


Converting to Mexican currency, Twitch pays 24 Mexican pesos per subscription in Mexico.


If we monetize in euros, Twitch pays 2 euros per subscription in Spain.


Converting to Chilean currency, Twitch pays 1,200 Chilean pesos per subscription in Chile.


Converting to Colombian currency, Twitch pays 4,730.6 Colombian pesos per subscription in Colombia.


Converting to Argentine currency, Twitch pays 204.65 Argentine pesos per subscription in Argentina.

Dominican Republic

Converting to Dominican currency, Twitch pays 54.64 Dominican pesos per subscription.


Converting to Bolivian currency, Twitch pays 6.8 bolivianos per subscription in Bolivia.


Converting to Uruguayan currency, Twitch pays 68.1 Uruguayan pesos per subscription in Uruguay.


Converting to Venezuelan currency, Twitch pays 36,025 bolivars per subscription in Venezuela.

In Paraguay

Converting to Paraguayan currency, Twitch pays 7,153.775 Paraguayan guraníes per subscription in Paraguay.


In Panama, Twitch pays $1,245 per subscription.


In Ecuador, Twitch pays $1,245 per subscription.


In Guatemala, Twitch pays 9,725 quetzales per subscription.


In Peru, Twitch pays 4,495 Peruvian soles per subscription.


In Honduras, Twitch pays 24.56 Honduran lempiras per subscription.


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