How much do youtubers in Mexico get paid? Real data

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If you are Mexican and your desire is to succeed on YouTube, you may be wondering: how much do youtubers in Mexico get paid?

Thanks to YouTube monetization, millions of youtubers make a living with this platform. Likewise, we will clarify all your doubts about how to monetize your YouTube channel and start making money with your videos. 

How much do Youtubers earn in Mexico?

How much does Luisito Comunica earn on YouTube?

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, or as we mostly know him Luisito comunica, is one of the most successful Mexican youtubers. 

Thanks to his videos of his travels around the world getting to know different cultures, he has created a large community of people who love his content.

This has opened many doors for him to collaborate with many advertising brands and travel agencies.

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according to Net Worth Spot, Luisito Comunica earns about $3.27 million from his YouTube channel, which is more than 63 million pesos.

How much does Juan de Dios Pantoja earn on YouTube?

According to, Juan De Dios’ YouTube channel is worth approximately 3 million pesos, so he earns around 43 thousand pesos a month.

But these are only estimates, just as with Luisito, only Juan de Dios Pantoja knows how much is the real patrimony of his channel.

What does this figure depend on?

Likewise, we must bear in mind that there is no 100% exact figure.

This is because the income earned by youtubers in Mexico depends on different factors:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of views
  • Type of content
  • Length of videos
  • Type of advertising in your videos

These earnings are not always that high, as they depend on each country and these calculations are an estimate.


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