How to Create a Business Page on LinkedIn? 6 Simple Steps

how to create a business page on Linkedin

There are several social media platforms to connect people with the same interests. Although you can dedicate an account to your brand and business on all social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most helpful platform for a company to present itself.

However, LinkedIn has a separate page for personal and business users. Therefore, you need to know how to create a business page on LinkedIn to start your journey on this platform.  

What Is a LinkedIn Business Page?

Before getting to the steps of creating a business page on LinkedIn, let’s first take a look at the concept of a LinkedIn business page and how it is different from personal pages.  

As the name indicates, a LinkedIn business page, also called a company page, is a page where you represent your company, its niche, its members, and all other information that can introduce you to others. 

Unlike a personal profile on LinkedIn, a business page is exclusively about a business. Therefore, you should know that all you share on your business page is spreading your brand’s voice. You can talk about the latest news about your company, the latest updates on a product, or an event or seminar in the future. 

You may wonder why you need to create a business page on LinkedIn. Well, let’s see what benefits it has. 

What Are the Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Business Page? 

Learning how to create a business page on LinkedIn has several benefits for your company. Here are some of them: 

  • You can increase brand awareness with a quality and powerful LinkedIn business page. 
  • By adding your website to your LinkedIn business page, you can improve your SEO rank because LinkedIn is an authorized and credible website, and Google dedicates a great rank to it. 
  • You can find experienced employees for every job position you want. LinkedIn is the live resume for its users. 
  • LinkedIn business page adds to your credibility. Nowadays, your online presence can help you grow your business, and nothing can fulfill this goal as much as LinkedIn. 

Now, don’t wait any longer. Follow us with the step-by-step guide on how to create a business page on LinkedIn.

6 Steps to Create a Business Page on LinkedIn

Creating a business page on LinkedIn can help you build your brand presence and connect with professionals on the platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide to do it:

1) Create a Personal Account on LinkedIn

You must have a personal account on LinkedIn with a complete profile. Make sure you have a current position at the company you want to register and that your relationship with the company is displayed on your profile.

2) Go to LinkedIn for Business 

You will see the “For Business” icon on your LinkedIn navigation bar next to your profile picture. A column appears after clicking on this icon, with multiple options. Go to the end of the list and click on “Create a Company Page.”

how to create a business page on Linkedin step 1

3) Select Your Company Page Type 

In the first step, select your company page type. There are three different options you can choose from: 

  • Company Page: It’s the most common page type for companies who want to showcase their business on LinkedIn. 
  • Showcase Page: This page type is selected when you already have created a company page and now want to create a sub-page for it. For example, you may need a separate LinkedIn Business Page for a specific department in a large company. 
  • Educational Institution: as the name indicates, this page type belongs to schools, universities, or any other educational institution. 
Company Page Types on Linkedin

4) Complete Your Company Details

Fill in all the requested fields:

  • Company name.
  • Logo.
  • LinkedIn URL (customizable).
  • Website.
  • Industry details, size, and type of company.
  • Description: present your company, mission, vision, and other relevant details.
  • Cover image: choose one that represents your company well and fits correctly in the provided space.
Steps of creating business page on Linkedin- filling company's information

In the end, you should verify that you are an authorized representative of this company because from now on, you will be the admin of this business page. 

steps of creating Linkedin business page

Once you have completed all the details, click “Create page”.

5) Complete Your Company’s Profile 

Now that you have created your business page on LinkedIn, it’s time to complete your profile to present your company to your clients and competitors. You will see what you need to add to your profile to make it more engaging. Just check out the meter at the top of the page that shows your progress.

completing company profile on Linkedin

However, you may not need to add all this information right now. Your Company Page has been created and is now visible to others. But it is recommended that you complete all these steps to improve your LinkedIn Business Page and represent your company as a professional and powerful business in its niche.

Here are some options you can add to your Company Page: 

  • Location: by adding your location to your Company Page you help your business rank better on LinkedIn search. 
  • Follow relevant pages: it is one of the steps that can help you build a better image for your company. Following top brands in your niche can increase your visibility and reach. Furthermore, it shows you stay updated about the latest trends. 
  • Description: Tell more about your company. Your About and Description sections are the information that most people seek when they visit a LinkedIn Business Page. 
  • Obtain a verified Email address: It’s not an obligation, but it helps you improve your online presence, especially when you post a job offer. 

6) Add Administrators

If you want to have more than one person with permission to manage and edit the page, you can add another admin to this company page. To do this, follow these steps: 

  • Go to “Settings” on your Company Page. 
  • Click “Manage Admins.”
  • Click “Add Admin,” and search for the person you want to add. Your new admin should also have a personal profile on LinkedIn. 

Note: Since you have created the Business Page on LinkedIn, you are considered “Super Admin” who has access to all the sections of this Company Page. You can add the next admin as a “Super Admin” or just give them limited access to create content. 

adding new admin to a business page on Linkedin

Tips on Creating a Business Page on LinkedIn 

Now that you have learned how to create a business page on LinkedIn, here are some tips to manage it and improve your online presence on this platform. 

1. Make Regular Posts and Updates

Keep your followers informed about company news, updates, job offers, and other relevant content.

2. Monitor Statistics

LinkedIn offers analytics on follower interaction, page visits, and more. Use this data to tailor your content strategy.

3. Encourage Growth and Improve Your LinkedIn Page

Include your LinkedIn page link on your website, email signature, and other social networks. You can, for example, invite employees and collaborators to follow the page and create content related to your company.

4. Respond to Comments and Messages

Engaging with followers and responding to messages is crucial for maintaining a good relationship with your audience. Make sure to stay active and interactive.

Following these steps, you can establish a strong presence for your business on LinkedIn, increasing visibility and connections with your target audience.

5. Add Followers to Your Company Page 

As a business, you should have followers so others can trust your company and find it credible. When you create a business page on LinkedIn, you will only have your employees as your followers, which are not too many. 

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Bottom Line 

Creating a business page on LinkedIn is an essential step for organizations looking to establish a professional presence on the platform. By following a few simple steps mentioned in this post, you can learn how to create a Business Page on LinkedIn. But you should note that creating the company page is not enough; you should be active on this social media platform to increase your visibility to more people.


Is LinkedIn business page free?

Yes, you can create a business page on LinkedIn for free and with ease, without having to pay anything. You only need to have a personal LinkedIn page to create a LinkedIn Company Page. All the steps are free of charge.  

What is the difference between LinkedIn personal and business page?

A LinkedIn personal profile is intended to showcase your individual professional experience, skills, and network. But a Business Page represents a brand, company, or organization. As you can connect to other LinkedIn users with your personal profile, a Business page can follow other Business pages or accept personal profiles as its employees. 

Why should I create a LinkedIn company page for my business?

Creating a business page on LinkedIn is essential for all businesses who want to improve their online presence. It can increase brand awareness, bring more clicks to your website, and help you stand out among your other competitors.