How to get hours to monetize YouTube: FAST and EASY

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YouTube allows you to earn income through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To join the YPP, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements in the channel, including a total of 4,000 watch hours.

The content of the videos is essential to gain views and be able to earn money with the channel, but there are other techniques that allow us to get hours to monetize YouTube.

How to get hours to monetize organically

It consists of keeping viewers in the videos. The infallible tips to achieve this are:

1. Prioritizes quality

You can upload many videos and, if the image and audio are not good, you will not catch the users’ attention, making them leave in the first few seconds. Consequently, you will have wasted your time creating your content. 

So, ideally, you should focus on quality over quantity, which means: use a good camera, lighting and microphone. It’s an investment that will pay off!

Good planning and scheduling of content is also necessary. How often will you upload a video? What topics are likely to interest your audience?

Raise all these questions before uploading the content.

2. Create long videos

Little by little it is becoming a myth that short videos are the most effective. And the fact is that long videos are having quite a lot of receptivity. That is why many youtubers are applying it.

Of course,it is essential that the content is useful, that it is useful to your audience. If it is not, it will not make sense. 

As for short and direct content, you can take advantage of YouTube Shorts.

YouTube video

3. Publish your podcasts

Podcasts are characterized by being long-lasting content capable of retaining users. 

If you are dedicated to the world of podcasting, in addition to uploading them on platforms such as Ivoox or Spotify, do it on Youtube, since many people go to this social network to listen to them while driving, cleaning their homes, exercising or other activities.

Think about topics that have not yet been explored for your podcast and, if you deal with a common theme, add your personal touch. Back to the important questions: what makes your content different, how can it engage your audience?

4. Edit with creativity

Another key factor related to completing the 4,000 hours on YouTube is creativity in editing.

A video with simple editing will not arouse the interest of the audience. On the other hand, if you add effects, transitions, memes, etc., you will prevent users from leaving the videos. 

Do it according to the type of content you handle, since it is not the same to make a makeup tutorial than an explanatory video about recipes. 

Little by little, you will define your personal touches, what makes you different from other content creators.

Do you have good communication skills? Do you know how to make others laugh? Then explore your humorous side.

5. Engage your audience 

The quintessential technique for users to stay longer watching your videos is to do what they need, want or like. 

You can find out this information by checking which videos have the most views, likes and comments.

If you want to know exactly, ask them directly within the platform or on other channels where they are active, such as Instagram, for example.

The comments section of each video is an inexhaustible source of ideas. You’d be surprised by the suggestions made by the subscribers themselves.


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