Guide to earning subs on Twitch: everything you need to do

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Being a streamer is one of the highest paying professions today and earning subs on Twitch has become fundamental to being successful on the platform.

This is mainly because having a solid base of Twitch subs allows you to forge a community.Constant interaction with your community will increase your visibility and therefore your long-term success, but we’ll get into that in more detail in this article.

5 steps to earn subs on Twitch

This blog is focused on those people who are looking to increase their visibility on Twitch and grow on the platform. Today, we bring you a guide to earn subs on Twitch.

1. Use an attractive title and a detailed description.

Having an attractive title and a detailed description is an interesting way to attract followers on Twitch. Therefore, you can follow these steps to gain attraction with a good title:

  • Use keywords: Include terms related to your games or content. This will make it easier for you to appear in search results.
  • Be specific in your niche: Make your title and description precise about what they can expect to see on your channel. Don’t ramble and tell your audience in a few words what content you offer, always using a friendly and persuasive tone.
  • Make an attractive and easy to remember title: You can use humor, puns or something creative in your title to catch the audience’s attention and get more subs on Twitch.
  • Leverage calls to action: Always look for a way to add calls to action, both in your descriptions and in your broadcasts. Calls to action are powerful when used in the right way. 

2. Improve the quality of your transmissions with editing tools.

It is important to take into account a good video quality and editing, even more so when it is a live stream. 

A stream with good quality will always have a higher number of viewers. Here are some tips you can apply.

  • Make sure you have good lighting before shooting.
  • Have a good microphone to improve the quality of your audio.
  • Edit your broadcasts with video tools. You can use OBS Studio or Filmora , which have multiple options to improve the quality of your streams.

 Follow these tips and you will notice a better reception from the audience.

3. Uses analysis tools to identify trends 

Using analysis tools will help you identify the things you are doing well and repeat them to get even more out of them.

They will also help you identify what is not working and start to change it. Here are some of the tools you can use to see the data and analysis of your transmissions.

  • Twitch Analytics: An official Twitch tool that provides detailed data about your streams and viewers.
  • Streamlabs: A popular platform that combines live streaming and analysis tools in one place.
  • Social Blade: Provides an analysis that provides detailed information about the popularity and growth of your Twitch channel.
  • StreamElements: Another platform that offers live streaming and analysis tools in one place.
  • SullyGnome: This focuses on the game and provides information on trends and streamers’ performances.

4. Use good transmission equipment

Every detail adds a little extra value, having the right equipment for your transmissions will give you that extra touch of quality you need.

Although you can stream with simple equipment, there is nothing better than doing it comfortably and in the most optimal way.

Therefore, we recommend you always opt for the best hardware, the quality will be noticeable and your followers will appreciate it.

Try to have a good microphone, a decent camera and above all a computer with which you can stream without limitations. 

5. Buy followers

While all the tips mentioned so far are good and you will notice some improvements in your profile, they alone will not have the desired effect.

This is why we recommend mixing your growth strategy when buying Twitch followers. This way you will be able to increase your reach and notoriety on a faster and more effective way, thus meeting your goals.


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