How to Get Verified on Instagram? Step-By-Step Guide 

How to get verified on Instagram

Have you ever seen the blue tick on some Instagram accounts and wondered how to get verified on Instagram? That’s one thing that can add to your popularity and imply to your followers that your account is authentic and real. 

With the blue tick, the opportunities to increase your followers and generate income multiply. So, let’s get into the Instagram verification world and learn how to verify an Instagram account.

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

Generally, verification is a method that many social media platforms use to confirm the identity of important people. In this way, they inform their followers or people searching for a specific account, which account is the legitimate one.

When you get verified on Instagram, a blue tick will be added to your name on this platform, showing that you are the real person under this name. Let’s say you are a public figure, like a famous football player. People may create an account by your name and collect your fans. The Instagram verification badge prevents such problems from happening. 

Sample of Instagram Verification Badge on Chris Ronaldo's Instagram Account

But the question is: can all the Instagram users get a verification badge? Let’s see who is eligible. 

Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?

Generally, the Instagram blue badge is for celebrities, public figures, and brands. This blue checkmark shows the person behind an Instagram account is really who they claim to be. Therefore, it adds to their trustworthiness. 

Although everyone is allowed to request Instagram verification, not all of them can get the Instagram blue mark. The following standards are required to get verified on Instagram:

  • Authenticity: Your account must represent a real person, entity, or registered business. Fan pages or general interest accounts can’t get verified on Instagram.
  • Uniqueness: You should be the only person claiming this badge for this username. It means that if someone else has got Instagram verification for this username, you won’t get one.  
  • Completed Bio: Having a profile picture, a complete bio, and at least one post, are the other factors that show you are the real person behind this account. 
  • Popular Person: You should note that Instagram reviews accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and does not consider paid or promotional content as sources of notability. Therefore, you should be a highly searched person or brand with many followers. 

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Verification? 

Is it really worth having an Instagram blue badge? Before getting to know how to verify an Instagram account, let’s see what this blue checkmark has for you.  

1. Improved Credibility and Trustworthiness 

Since Instagram doesn’t give this badge to all accounts, having an Instagram blue badge indicates you are a credible account. So far, less than 1% of Instagram accounts have verification signs. Therefore, your followers trust you more over what you offer or say.

However, if you have this classy blue badge, you should also be careful what you share, because people will lose their trust as quickly as they have gained it. 

2. Brand Awareness

Instagram is where most e-commerce brands are available and offer their products. Besides the trustworthiness that having an Instagram verification badge can add to your brand, it can help you build strong brand awareness. 

  • Here are some reasons that you can increase brand awareness after verifying your Instagram account: 
  • It signals to users that the account is legitimate and officially connected to the brand.
  • Verified accounts are also more likely to appear at the top of the search results and suggested accounts. Therefore, it can enhance brand visibility and attract more followers.
  • People are more likely to follow a business account that has an Instagram blue badge. Therefore, this verification sign can increase your engagement rate, too. Calculate your Instagram engagement before and after getting the badge to see the difference. 

3. Early Access to Special Features

One of the most important benefits of getting verified on Instagram is accessing the special features. Instagram adds its new and special features to the verified accounts. Therefore, they will be the first people who test fun and interesting features on this platform, which can help them create more creative content and increase their reach. 

Note: If you don’t meet the criteria to verify your Instagram account, you can access special features after having at least 10,000 followers. It is one of the advantages of buying Instagram followers.

4. Prevention of Impersonation

This will be the most critical reason you should know how to verify an Instagram account: no one can steal your identity! 

It is crucial for brands and businesses that gain trust among their followers to avoid scams. This blue checkmark helps your customers and fans follow the correct Instagram account so that no one can defraud them with your name. 

an infographic that shows the four benefits of Instagram verification

Now that you are convinced you need this verification badge, let’s check out the methods that can help you get verified on Instagram. 

How to Verify Your Instagram Account for Free?

The process of verifying an Instagram account for free is simple and straightforward. However, whether you apply for the free method or pay for the badge, you should know that this process is very selective and only grants the blue checkmark to accounts that meet the mentioned criteria,

Although Instagram does not specify how many followers the account must have to verify, the minimum number of followers that show you are a famous and known person is 10,000 followers

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The more followers your profile has, the more options you will have to verify.

How to Request Free Instagram Verification?

Once these requirements are met, you can request verification from the platform . These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Open your Instagram account,
  2. Tap the options button (the three lines) at the top right,
  3. Tap on Settings and privacy,
  4. Select Creator Tools and Controls
  5. Tap Request Verification.

In the application form, you must include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Alias ​​or job name (optional)
  • Profile category or industry
  • Photo of an official ID
three slides that show the steps to request Instagram verification badge

It may take a few days (Even a month) for the Instagram team to review your application form to see if you are eligible to have an Instagram verification badge. The result will be shown in your notification tab.

You may be rejected the first time you apply for this badge. But don’t worry, you can resend your request again. However, it is essential to grow your Instagram account before applying for the verification badge.   

How to Get Verified on Instagram with Meta (Paid Method)?

The process of free Instagram verification might be time-consuming, which may take several days to months to get the result. But, if you want to save time, you can pay for verification with the Meta Verified service.

In the past, Meta Verified was only accessible for personal accounts, but now it is available for businesses, too. However, it is not obtainable in all regions. Check out the meta website to see if it is available in your country. 

  The price is 13.99 euros per month.

Apart from the verification badge, these are all the advantages that the monthly subscription gives you:

  • Extra protection:  Meta will monitor your account, making sure that no one impersonates your identity.
  • Priority support: Meta Verified users will have priority when requesting help or answers.
  • Unique stickers: Finally, if you subscribe to this service, you will have a series of exclusive stickers for posts and stories.

However, compared to the free method, the Meta Verified has disadvantages, too.

  • It is not available in all countries
  • It has a monthly payment
  • More people can buy it, even if they don’t need this badge. This can decrease the trust that most people have in Instagram verification badge. 
A mobile screen showing the Instagram verification badge

Meta Verified Requirements

  • Being over 18 years
  • The account must have a unique username
  • The profile must have a photo and complete biography
  • The profile must have previous publications

Process to verify with Meta Verified

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Verified

Now that you know the verification process, we show you some tips to increase your chances of getting the verification badge.

1. Optimize Your Profile

It will not only help you obtain verification, but also make your account more attractive to users. Keep all of the following in mind:

  • Choose a username that sets you apart and is easy to remember
  • Make sure your profile photo makes a good impression and is of good quality
  • Write a clear and persuasive biography. You can copy and paste other fonts to create a different aesthetic effect.
  • Add your location so the platform can connect you with people in your area
  • Add links to other platforms that are related

2. Stay Active

To achieve success on Instagram, you will need consistency.

The key for your posts and reels to achieve maximum visibility is to publish regularly and during busy hours.

Check out your account’s insight to see when your audience is more active. Then, post on those golden times. You can use automatic publishing tools to schedule posts. 

3. Connect Your Facebook and Other Social Media Accounts 

It may not directly impact your chance of getting verified on Instagram, but being an active and honest user on social media platforms, like Facebook can add to your authenticity. 

Furthermore, having a large number of followers on those platforms can also show you are an influential figure. Therefore, you might be the one who needs to have a badge to prevent impersonation.

4. Buy Your Followers on Amedia Social

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Amedia Social puts at your disposal a secure purchasing system so that you can grow in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, you will be rest assured that all the users are from real accounts so you won’t have any worries about this issue. 

A screenshot from AmediaSocial's service about buying Instagram followers

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5. Engage with Your Followers 

Your engagement is an important factor on Instagram. Responding to your followers implies that you are an active and real user of this platform and care about your followers. 

Bottom Line

By learning how to get verified on Instagram and earning the blue badge, users can enhance their visibility, gain trust among their audience, and elevate their overall presence on the platform. This verification not only serves as a mark of legitimacy but also opens doors to increased brand recognition, expanded reach, and greater opportunities for engagement and growth.


How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

Generally, the follower count alone is not the determining factor for verification, and it is not specified by the platform. However, having more followers can strengthen your case for verification because it shows that you are reliable, and have something special to offer to your followers.

Can I get a blue check on Instagram without being famous?

You can apply to get the blue check if you are not a celebrity. However, there is no guarantee to get verified on Instagram, especially if you are applying using the free method. That’s the same for the paid method, too. But on the Meta Verification, you will get the result sooner, and if you have been rejected, Instagram will pay you back.

Is it worth getting Instagram verified?

Getting verified on Instagram means you will receive a blue badge next to your username, which indicates that your account is authentic. This badge can help increase your credibility and make your account more visible to users. 

However, it is not required for everyone to know how to verify an Instagram account because it is only a useful method for celebrities, public figures, or brands to set themselves apart from the fan pages and fake accounts that are created with their name. 

How long does it take to verify a profile?

Once the request is submitted, the time it may take for Instagram to give you the blue verification can vary between a few weeks and a few months.

Be patient, and if after a few months you have not received a response, try to improve your profile even more (with more followers and more interactions) and send the request again.

You can also contact customer service to learn why you haven’t been verified.

What happens if I lose my Instagram verification badge?

Losing the badge can occur if there are significant changes within your account, such as alterations to your username, content, or overall account authenticity. Therefore,  Instagram has determined that your account no longer meets the criteria for verification. When this happens, you may need to reapply for verification and wait for the result. Checking Instagram’s guidelines can help you get the badge without any problem.

How much does it cost to get Instagram verified?

Generally speaking, the Instagram verification badge is free. If you don’t get it for free, you won’t have much chance on the paid method either. However, if you pay for the badge, you will get the result sooner. Currently, the cost to get Meta Verified is 13.99 Euros per month. Since it may change over time, it is better to check the Instagram support website.