How to gain watch hours on YouTube quickly?

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Social networks have become a business opportunity for many people.

And, in this context, making money with YouTube is one of the most popular alternatives. However, two fundamental conditions must currently be met in order to activate monetization with YouTube Partner Program:

Considering the number of users that access the platform on a daily basis, it would seem an easy goal to achieve.

However, the level of competition is increasing and, with it, the possibility of gaining exposure with the content published is reduced.

For these reasons, in addition to having knowledge of how the platform works, you need to formulate strategies and know what content to create for your target audience right from the start. Even if you decide to to buy hours of YouTube Watch Time.

Want to learn how?

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What are YouTube Watch Hours?

YouTube Watch Hours or Watch Time is a metric used to record the total time users have viewed a channel’s content.

For the count to be effective, such content must be public and remain available.

Remember that YouTube needs to ensure that a channel complies with its policies and usage rules in order to activate advertising from its advertisers. Otherwise, it will compromise its revenue and the credibility of its customers.

At this moment, the platform allows 3 options to increase the hours of watch:

  1. Videos, such as those we commonly review about tips, tutorials or news.
  2. Shorts, which are videos of a shorter duration and with smaller screen dimensions.
  3. Live broadcasts that, while they can be live, there is also the alternative of recording the video first and releasing it as a stream later.


How to earn Watch Hours on YouTube?

As in any other platform, success will depend on the strategy applied.

For that reason, it is convenient to take into consideration all the aspects that influence the communication that a brand has, managed by the content creators, and the target audience.


Tip 1: identify audience needs

The usefulness of the content implies the benefits it offers. In other words, the problems that are solved through the published information.

For that reason, you should create a list of the most important pain points that a virtual community has and then create solutions. Since it is practically impossible to detect and solve every problem or situation, you need to create priorities. That way, your content will be useful and timely for your subscribers.


Tip 2: analyze your competitors

Benchmarking or comparative study is essential to learn from the best and thus develop content that meets your expectations in terms of quality and quantity.

From your competitors, you can determine which content format is the most appropriate, what topics to cover, what type of videos to publish or even in what tone to communicate with a virtual community.


Tip 3: plan the content

Planning involves choosing in advance the topics to be covered in your videos on the platform, as well as the publication schedule.

To simplify the process, you can create content from pillars. For example: “practical guide for”, “alternatives for” or “common mistakes and how to avoid them”. That way, you will always have ideas to solve real problems and build a community of loyal followers.


Tip 4: create content appropriately

Today, it is insufficient to have a good topic if the information is presented incorrectly.

For this reason, audiovisual content needs to meet good quality standards in terms of audio, image and, above all, the type of video.

In the latter case, the different options can be grouped into the following main categories:

  • People talking in front of the camera.
  • Landscapes or places.
  • 2D or 3D animations.
  • Slides with narratives.
  • Tutorials showing the screen of the computer or mobile devices.

Regardless of the option chosen, the information presented must be useful to the community of followers.


Tip 5: evaluate results periodically

Continuous monitoring lets you know what’s working.

So, pay attention not only to the metrics of the platform, but also to people’s comments.

That way, you can get new ideas for content, create partnerships or collaborations with other creators and, especially, apply corrective measures.


How many watch hours do I need to monetize?

Currently, the watch time required for monetization of a YouTube channel is 4000 hours in the last 12 months.

Depending on your country of residence, the delivery of the envelope may take several weeks.

When another of your channels accumulates 4000 hours, the monetization option will also appear, but you will no longer have to wait to physically receive another PIN.


Simple trick: Buy 4,000 Watch Hours on YouTube

If you have quality content that meets the platform’s requirements, you can invest in buying hours from real accounts.

Although each provider has its own method of working, be sure to clarify all your doubts and comply with the conditions before purchasing YouTube watch  hours or hiring the service.


That way, you will be able to focus your attention on content creation and meet the other parameters for success on the platform.


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