How to Grow on Threads: 10 Useful Methods

how to grow on threads

As a strict rival to Twitter, Threads is one of the newest social media sites that Meta unveiled and created a lot of buzz in the news.

Although it might not be as popular as Twitter and Instagram, Threads still have a long road. Therefore, to build your community on this platform, you should learn how to grow on Threads. 

Ready to learn some tricks? Let’s start. 

10 Tips to Grow on Threads 

Get more followers, maximize your reach, and grow on Threads with the following tips. 

1. Inform Your Followers on Other Social Media

The good news is that Threads connects to Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, when you create an account on this social media, your Instagram followers will be informed automatically. They will get a notification on their Instagram that you have created an account on Threads.

You can take advantage of this connection to build your first community on Threads. So, you can gather some followers before even posting your first post. There are other ways to inform your Instagram followers that you are on Threads now:

  • You can manually share your Threads posts to your Instagram story, and your followers can tap on the post and get to your Threads profile. 
  • You can add your Threads’ ID to your Instagram profile. So, whenever someone checks your account, they can directly go to your Threads account. 
  • Share your Threads automatically on Instagram and Facebook. The ‘Suggesting posts on other apps’ option allows you to connect your Threads with Instagram and Facebook so that whatever you share on Threads will be transferred automatically to other apps. However, followers may stop following you on Threads if they always see your Threads on other social media platforms. It may not be a good long-term strategy. 
steps to share Threads post into Instagram and Facebook

Although it’s the easiest trick to grow followers on Threads, it’s not enough.

It’s advisable to notify your audience on other social media platforms, such as TikTok or Facebook, to attract more followers to Threads. You only need to create a post to inform your followers you are on Threads. You can also add your profile link to your bio on different social media platforms. 

2. Buy Real Cheap Threads Followers 

You know that the number of your followers shows your authenticity, reliability, and power on social media. If you don’t have followers on your account, it’s unlikely for new visitors to follow you because they won’t feel like your content is worth following.

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Amedia Social service page about buying Threads followers

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Grow on Threads Now

3. Find Your Niche

Like every other social media platform, you should decide what topic you want to discuss on Threads.

It’s essential to focus on a specific niche so your followers always find your content interesting and engaging. If you change the topics occasionally, you’re likely to lose some of your followers because people don’t want to follow the topics that aren’t interesting to them.

Note: You can have the same niche as your Instagram and TikTok. However, since the concept of Threads differs from other platforms, it’s essential to learn how to create content on Threads.  

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

No matter which social media platform you use, your key to discoverability is hashtags. That’s why you should learn how to use this tool to get more reach on your posts and increase followers. 

Find hashtags that are relevant to your niche and use them on your posts. Don’t forget trending hashtags, they can make your content shine among others.

However, you should use trending hashtags that are related to your niche and post. Don’t use hashtags without having a strategy. You can’t grow on Threads by misusing hashtags. 

samples of using hashtags on Threads

5. Optimize Your Bio 

Introduce yourself to newcomers. Your bio is where you get your first impressions on the app. So, use an interesting profile picture and add a short introduction about who you are and what you do.

This short intro should help people know you better and follow you to get to know you more.  

You can also add a few links to your other social media platforms. It’s always helpful if you link your accounts to each other to lead your people to follow you on other platforms. 

6. Post Regularly

Unlike Instagram you shouldn’t post too many times during the day, you should be more persistent on Threads.

As mentioned earlier, the concept of this platform is totally different from Instagram. Therefore, you should act differently.

It is important to note that the users on Threads find different types of content interesting. So, what you share on Instagram might not always work on Threads. 

Note: read more about social media statistics to see how people interact with each social media platform.

7. Create Engaging Content  

Threads is a platform for expressing yourself and connecting with others who share your interests. Since it is more like Twitter, most people share text content, but images, videos, and gifs are also used to improve the content. But the best feature that other platforms may miss is the ability to add audio and your voice or create a poll. 

Don’t always stick to one type of content. Consider sharing your daily stories, thoughts, and opinions. If you have a product to introduce, add photos to your post, and if you have great video content, incorporate that too. Be creative about combining different types of content to be more engaging. 

8. Follow Trends 

Social media is all about trends. That’s where people want to talk about the latest news in different niches. Even some jokes or memes become trends.

So, you should always see what others are doing and what subjects are trending. Then, create content incorporating that trend, whether a topic, news, or hashtag.

9. Engage with Your Followers 

Communicate with your followers, reply to their comments, and react to what they say. Engagement is the best method to grow on Threads and other social media platforms.

Creating content will not work if you don’t make more people like or comment on your post. Having more likes and comments is always an essential part of growing on social media platforms.

10. Collaborate with Influencers 

Every platform has its own celebrity who has a large number of followers.

You can find influencers on Threads or collaborate with Instagram influencers and ask them to share your post to their stories. This way, more people will see your content on Threads and follow you on this platform. 

Don’t forget that you can become an influencer, too. You only need to know the tricks about how to be an influencer on Instagram

infogrpahic about the tips to grow on Threads

Bottom Line 

Threads is a social media platform centered around focused and meaningful conversations. Like other social media platforms, learning how to grow on Threads is essential.

It involves actively engaging with the community, sharing valuable content, and building genuine connections.

By participating in discussions, offering insightful perspectives, and staying consistent with your presence, you can expand your influence and attract a loyal following on Threads. 


How can I increase my visibility and attract more followers on Threads?

Always focus on the quality of your content first. Using trending hashtags can also help you grow on Threads, too. However, you will need more followers to start your journey on this platform. It is recommended to buy Threads followers to build more trust for your new audience on this platform.

What types of content attract more followers to Threads?

Due to the similarity of this platform with Twitter, text content is often shared in it, but don’t forget that nowadays most users of social networks also like visual content in addition to text. Whatever you choose, be creative, fun, and engaging. These are the three most important things to consider while creating content on Threads. 

How many followers do I need to get monetized on Threads?

At the moment, there is no specific number of followers you need to get monetized on Threads. But we know that followers are always important. For example, you should at least have 5K followers to make money on Facebook. That’s the same for Threads or any other social media platforms. Therefore, focus on growing your followers on Threads. You can start by buying at least 1000 followers for your Threads

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