How to make money on Spotify? The complete guide

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With over 90 million active users and a global reach, Spotify is a platform where artists and businesses can make a lot of money. Below, we explain how Spotify works and how you can profit from the platform.

Make money on Spotify as an artist

If you are an artist, the main way to make money on Spotify is by getting plays for your songs.

According to several studies, on Spotify you can earn $0.0038 per play, although the figure may vary depending on the country.

The more plays, the more profit you will get.

Here are some tips to get plays:

  • Add your artist link on Spotify on other social networks (Instagram, YouTube videos, TikTok…).
  • Mention the artists you collaborate with in all social networks.
  • Get your songs into popular playlists
  • Participate in collaborative playlists related to your genre of music.
  • Buy Spotify plays with Amedia Social

Why buy Spotify plays?

If you start from scratch, getting reproductions is not easy. That’s why a good solution is to buy Spotify plays.

  • This allows you to save time (and money) in your growth strategy.
  • Better numbers mean more attention from other artists and record companies. You never know when your chance might come.
  • More plays allow you to attract more monthly listeners and followers.
  • Your image as an artist will improve significantly.

How to get paid from Spotify?

It should be noted that the artist does not get 100% of the profits from plays on Spotify.

Part of the profits go to the distribution company, which is in charge of uploading the music to Spotify. Some examples are:

  • DistroKid
  • CD Baby
  • EmuBand

If the artist is part of a record label, the label will also keep part of the profits.

Therefore, the artist knows what he/she charges from Spotify by consulting the digital platform of the distribution company.

The artist usually has his bank account linked to the distributor’s platform.

You can also analyze some metrics through Spotify For Artists.

Make money on Spotify with a podcast

The podcast format is becoming extremely popular, both on YouTube and Spotify.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio format that allows users to download or play audio files.

These files, including talks, speeches, interviews or thematic programs, are presented in the form of episodes and are published on a regular basis.

How to monetize a podcast?

If you’re just starting out with your podcast, you can follow the same strategy as if you were a music artist: buying Spotify plays.

The way to monetize a podcast is the same as for music artists: get plays and get people to follow your profile on Spotify.

To upload a podcast to the platform, you must also do so through a distributor.

Make money on Spotify as a business

As a company, Spotify represents an opportunity to reach an audience of millions of users.

The way to reach all of these potential customers is through audio ads. Audio advertisements. These ads will be played to those users who have a free Spotify account (over 90 million users).

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Spotify advertising formats

If you choose to advertise on Spotify, you can choose one of the following formats:

1. Wedge

It is a 30-second audio accompanied by a cover image and a title with a link. It is launched to users with a free account approximately every 15 minutes.

Banner Display

Image with a link. It is displayed to the user at the bottom while browsing the platform.

3. Video

Audiovisual advertisement for 15 to 30 seconds duration. It is shown to the user during commercial breaks (approximately every 15 minutes) and Spotify only bills for full views.

4. Sponsored playlist

Customized playlist with company logo and link. Must have a minimum of 40 songs.

5. Homepage Takeover

Image ad covering the Spotify home screen. Includes a clickable interactive area.

6. Billboard Homepage

Image displayed in the application when the user returns after a period of inactivity. Includes a clickable interactive area.

How to advertise on Spotify?

Any company that wants to advertise on Spotify must do so through the Spotify for Brands portal.

In this space, the company can contract an advertising space with a specific format.

It is necessary to fill out a form with the contact details of the company. Subsequently, a Spotify sales technician will contact the company to manage the ad.

It should be noted that for this type of advertising to be effective, a significant monthly investment of at least thousands of euros must be made.


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