How to Monetize Discord? 10 Tips to Make Money Fast

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Do you wonder about how to monetize Discord or “how to make money on Discord”? Then we invite you to read the rest of the article. Discord continues to grow in popularity as a platform that creates various earnings for content creators. 

You can complete your Discord monetization by following the 10 tips we have given you.

What is Discord?

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Discord is a communication platform that allows text, voice and video chats in real time. Essentially, it hosts many different servers or small communities.

Servers are generally private or public areas created for communities of friends or different user communities to communicate with each other. 

Many different topics can be discussed on Discord, which was created in 2015. Areas such as art, travel, school or mental health are examples of Discord topics. 

However, one of the topics that makes Discord popular and makes up 70% of the platform is gaming. Gamers have the opportunity to discover their favorite games through servers or communities.

Gamers who specialize in how to monetize Kick or Discord, both have a good time using their skills and earn money.

Can You Earn Money From Discord?

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Yes, it is possible to make money through Discord. Server Subscriptions stand out among the answers to the question “How to monetize Discord?” 

In other words, you can have people subscribe to the server you own. For example, you can impose a fee for access to private text or voice channels on the server. Or you can sell Premium emojis to your community. 

Discord invites you to be creative in this regard. You can increase your earnings by creating benefits that can attract the attention of your community. 

You can also earn money by receiving sponsorships or donations through Discord. If you are a brand, you can sell your product on the server. 

There are many different answers to the question “How to monetize Discord?”. The important thing is where you start and how wide the server members will expand. 

Because to make money on Discord, you first need members. In this regard, the option to buy Discord members can give you a quick start.

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How Much Does Discord Pay You?

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Discord gives you 90% of the revenue from subscription fees and keeps the remaining 10% for itself. 

A small streamer can earn money on Twitch by 50%. The fact that this rate is 90% on Discord may attract the attention of content producers.

Remember that in addition to subscription fees, you can also increase your earnings by making donations, tips, product sales and special offers.

How to Monetize Discord?

Now that we’ve explored the concept of Discord and established its potential for generating income, let’s get into the various methods of making money through this platform, examining each one individually. 

Here are tips on how to monetize Discord:

1. Offer Subscription

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The first thing you can offer for sale on Discord is your subscription fee. With this feature, which became active in 2022, server owners can require members to pay a monthly fee to access unique content, features or communities.

That’s why earning subscribers on Twitch, Kick or Discord is so important. Because you earn money from every subscription you get. Each platform makes different earning offers.

“You can increase your earnings by creating premium features. You can get paid by creating special badges or emojis for your server. It is also possible to charge only for certain content.”

You should work meticulously on the server configuration for subscription sales. Why should people pay you? 

Put yourself in your members’ shoes, know your target audience and make subscriptions attractive by producing original content for them.

2. Sell Products or Services

Did you know that you can sell various products or services to make money on Discord? You can use contracted e-commerce sites to create a store on your server. 

Thus, you can sell your products directly via the Discord server. So what can you sell? This is where your talents and creativity should come into play. 

For example, if you are dealing with art, you can sell your physical or digital artworks here. If you are an expert in any subject, you can sell courses on the server.

3. Find Sponsorships

If you want to make money on Discord, another tip we can recommend to you is sponsorship. If you have a large enough audience, big brands will want to create brand awareness through your server.

Sponsors generally pay attention to the popularity of the servers and their target audience. If you have a popular server, you can increase your earnings by promoting brands’ products. 

4. Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro main website page

Another feature where you can earn money outside of the Discord server is Nitro. Discord Nitro charges members monthly fees for access to various premium features or chats.

You can start making money by creating a Nitro account outside of the server. You can also get more features by transferring Nitro features to your server.

5. Donations or Tips

If you want to show off your live broadcasting skills, you can also discover ways to make money through donations and tips. Donations play a critical role in how Discord is monetized. 

Participants can donate to streamers especially through live broadcast chats operated by gamers. You can use Discord’s built-in payment methods for donations or tips. 

The biggest advantage of this is that the donations you earn are transferred directly to your account. This means you can earn money from your members without any interruption. 

You can create interesting content for members to tip you. So they can support you by donating to request more content.

6. Become an Affiliate

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How about becoming an affiliate? Becoming an affiliate is different from finding a sponsor. When you get sponsorship, you only get paid for advertising. 

However, when you become an affiliate, you earn profit from every sale you promote. You can target potential customers in your Discord community by partnering with products of various brands. 

You can increase your earnings by earning a commission when someone buys a product through the link you provide.

7. Tip Bot

Tip Bot, a Discord bot, allows users to tip each other in cryptocurrencies. You can continue to increase your Discord earnings by receiving tips in crypto currencies from users.

To activate this feature, all you have to do is give a command. You can issue a command to deposit or tip into the Tip-Bot wallet. Thus, you can also state that your Discord server is a versatile space.

8. Become a Discord Moderator

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You can follow a Discord server’s posts, check interaction, and deal with community issues. In short, you can become a Discord moderator. Helping manage servers with Discord mode can provide you with extra profit.

Moderators of large servers contribute greatly to both smooth operation and increased interaction rate. If you are a server expert, we recommend that you pay attention to this issue.

9. Sell Your Discord Server

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Yes, you heard right. You can make an even bigger profit by selling the Discord server you have worked hard to grow. A server with high traffic is the dream of many content creators. 

If you want to receive a lump sum of cash, you can reach an agreement with a content producer who deals with your server.

Remember that you need to make your server interesting to sell. In other words, the number of members and incoming traffic must be at a level worth purchasing.

10. Sell Premium Products

If you cannot sell subscriptions through Discord, you can only sell certain services. Premium features that users will be interested in provide you with an instant income increase. 

Plus, you can sell various premium features not only to your members but also to other server owners.

There are many different ways and ideas on how to monetize Discord. But the bottom line of it all depends on the audience you have. If you do not have enough members, your earnings will be low. You can buy real and active members to increase your number of Discord members in a short time.

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What are the Discord Monetization Conditions?

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To consider any of the suggestions above, you must first have the following qualifications. If you want to make money through Discord, the requirements are:

  • You will be asked to confirm and agree that you are at least 18 years old and have reached the minimum digital consent age in your country
  • You will be asked to accept the Monetization Terms on behalf of an organization.
  • Discord and its payment provider may collect tax identification data and share it with the relevant tax authorities in each country.
  • All services and products you offer for sale through the Server must comply with the law and obligations.
  • You must have a minimum balance of $100.00 to receive your first payment. You must have a minimum balance of $25 for payments after the first.
  • Discord will charge a fee for each offer purchase; Please note that payment processing, additional transactions and platform fees will need to be paid to Discord.

What are The Things to Consider to Increase your Discord earnings?

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If you want to have a successful Discord server, we recommend that you first take a look at the tips we shared with you:

  • Know your Target Audience: Thoroughly analyze what kind of target audience your server appeals to. Be careful to create all your content in line with the demands and needs of the target audience.
  • Be Original: Make sure all the content on your server is unique. Nobody wants to pay for content on other servers.
  • Use Your Other Social Media Accounts: Get help from your other social media accounts for server promotion. Make promotions to attract other communities that already exist.
  • Be Active: Show that you are always in touch with your community. Answer their questions or host special events.
  • Share Regular Content: Make sure your server always stays active with regular and quality content.
  • Offer Fair Prices: Gain the trust of your members by making sure you are fair with your subscriptions, products or services.



Does it cost money to set up a Discord Server?

You can set up a server for free via Discord. Likewise, as a user, you can use the platform’s voice, text and chat options free of charge.

Does Discord charge monthly payments?

No, using Discord is free. It is Discord Nitro that takes monthly payments. Here, users can choose a plan that suits their wishes with Normal Nitro and Classic Nitro prices.

Is Discord a safe platform?

Discord states that it uses industry-standard encryption to protect your conversations. It also emphasizes its meticulousness regarding safety measures by stating that it is not suitable for use by children under the age of 18.

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