How to See Spotify Play and Stream Counts? 2 Methods to Try

How to see spotify play and stream counts

Undoubtedly, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. As a musician, you are free to upload your music or song to this platform, and people can play and stream. The more play you get, the more popular you will get on this platform because Spotify shows the most-played songs in the recommended and popular categories. 

So, to get popular, you need more plays. Let’s see how you can see Spotify play and stream counts and how to improve it.

What Counts as a Play on Spotify?

Before learning to check and view play and streams on Spotify, let’s clarify what each means and why they are important. We start with ‘Spotify Play,’ the most critical metric for artists on Spotify. 

Generally, when someone plays your track or podcast on Spotify and listens to it entirely, you will get one ‘Play’ on that track. The more people complete listening to your track, the more ‘plays’ you will get. 

When a track gets many plays, Spotify will find it interesting to more people, so it recommends the track to other users who haven’t heard it yet. 

What Are Spotify Streams?

Sometimes, Spotify users only listen to part of a music and then go to the next one. It will be counted as ‘Spotify Stream.’ Therefore, unlike ‘Play,’ the ‘Stream’ metric is calculated every time someone plays a track, whether they listen to it completely or not. 

So, Streams are usually more than Plays. This metric can show how people have liked a song.

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Although they may look similar, the only thing that can help you make money on Spotify is the number of streams. But to get more streams, you will need more plays to get popular on the platform and increase your chance of making money. That’s how these two metrics are correlated. 

Well, how can you discover how many users have listened to your song? 

How to See Spotify Plays and Streams? 

Viewing the play counts of your uploaded songs or podcasts on Spotify is really simple. Just choose your device: computer, cell phone, or tablet, enter the web or app, and follow these steps:

Viewing Spotify Play Count on a PC

First, it should be noted that Spotify users can only see the Play counts, which are visible in front of each track. The Stream Count is only visible to the artist. Therefore, you can see the Play counts of your song or any other track by following these steps, whether you are a listener or the creator of the song:

  1. Go to the Spotify web player
  2. Enter your Spotify profile.
  3. Click on Search, in the left menu.
  4. Type in the search bar at the top, the song for which you want to see the play counts.
  5. You can also search by artist (their top 5 popular songs will appear).
  6. Right next to the song title, you can see its play counts.
seeing spotify plays on desktop

Viewing Spotify Plays Count on Mobile

You can also see Spotify play counts on your mobile: 

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon, in the bottom bar of the app.
  3. Type in the search bar the song for which you want to see the play counts.
  4. You can also search by artist (their top 5 popular songs will appear).
  5. Right next to the song title, you can see your play counts.
seeing spotify plays on mobile

Remember: to view the play counts on Spotify for a song, it must have at least 1,000 plays. That’s why it’s important to reach this number and gain visibility as an artist or content creator. That’s also the same for Spotify monetization

How to View Spotify Stream Count as an Artist? 

As mentioned, Spotify doesn’t let listeners access the data about the number of your streams. It’s only available to the Artists on their Spotify for Artists dashboard.

As an artist, you should create an account on Spotify for Artists to upload your tracks. Artists can see how many streams, listeners, followers, and saves they have, as well as how their music is performing on playlists, algorithmic radio, and other sources. In addition, they can see the demographic of their audience, including their age, gender, location, and what type of music they like.

How to Increase Spotify Plays? 

Even if you are a new artist, you still have a chance to make money on Spotify by sharing your music and songs. But the first thing you need is more Play counts because that’s the only way to get to the Popular and Recommended sections so more people can listen to your tracks. 

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Follow these steps to increase play counts on Spotify:

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  • Finalize your offer by paying the price. 
  • You can also Add Followers to your Spotify at the same time you buy plays. It’s optional but can really impact your visibility on this platform. 

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Bottom Line 

On Spotify, play and stream counts are essential metrics that reflect the popularity and reach of a song or artist. These metrics not only demonstrate the song’s performance but also play a significant role in determining its placement in playlists and recommendations, thereby impacting its visibility and potential for growth within the platform. As an artist, you should always monitor the Spotify play counts and try to improve them. 


How often are Spotify Plays updated?

As Spotify Support claims, all the stats on this platform are updated daily at 3 PM EST / 8 PM UTC. Therefore, all you see before this time relates to the previous day. However, there may be occasional delays in reporting play counts due to technical or processing issues. 

Why is Spotify play count important? 

Play is the metric that shows how many times Spotify users have finished listening to a track. The Spotify play count is noteworthy for several reasons. First, it serves as a key indicator of a song’s popularity and overall reach within the platform, providing valuable insights for artists, record labels, and music industry professionals. 

Additionally, play counts influence a song’s placement in algorithmic playlists and recommendations, impacting its visibility and potential for discovery by new listeners. Furthermore, more plays can help you make money on this platform because you will get more streams, too.

Can the number of plays and streams affect an artist’s earnings from Spotify?

The play and stream counts are the most critical metrics affecting an artist’s income from Spotify. Artists are paid based on the number of their streams. But if you don’t have enough plays, your track will not be shown to more people as a recommendation. Therefore, you should first focus on your Spotify play count; the stream count will increase by that.

How does Spotify differentiate between plays and streams?

Plays and streams are usually considered the same because both show how many times a track has been played on the platform. But play refers to the number of times a user has completely listened to a particular music. The stream relates to the times users have played the track, no matter if they have finished listening or have forwarded to the next song without completely listening to it.

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