20 Most Profitable YouTube Niches – Find a Niche on Youtube


You started a YouTube channel, you want to make money, you know the requirements… Everything is great so far. So what will you create content about?

In this article, we will examine how to find your niche on YouTube and share with you the 20 most profitable YouTube niches.

YouTube Niche? What’s That?


Alright, let’s begin from the start. Rest assured, we’ll keep this section really short. While many of you are likely familiar with the concept of a YouTube niche, it’s beneficial to revisit the basics.

Every content creator on YouTube operates within a specific niche. This means adhering to a central theme when producing content, which is crucial for the YouTube algorithm.

As we talked about how to monetize YouTube, you also need to have a YouTube niche if you want to make money.

We’ll stop here, but we know how to make money on YouTube, right? First of all, you need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. To access it, you must meet some requirements such as having 1000 YouTube subscribers or more and 4000 watch hours or more. 

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Do You Really Need a YouTube Niche?

Image of the blog post 10 most profitable YouTube niches with YouTube icons

Well, we can say that if you create YouTube content as a hobby, you do not need a niche. But if you want to make money on YouTube then you definitely need it!

Now before moving on to the 20 most profitable YouTube niches, let’s take a brief look at the importance of this concept:

  • Allows the YouTuber to focus on a specific topic and develop an engaged audience.
  • Creators can position themselves as experts in their area, offering high-quality content.
  • Can be a relevant attraction point that draws viewers interested in that topic.
  • Makes collaboration with brands related to that niche easier for potential sponsorships or affiliate programs.
  • Can influence RPM (revenue per thousand views), as some niches have higher RPMs than others due to advertising demand and advertisers’ willingness to pay.

Now we know how important it is to have a YouTube niche. Now let’s take a look at the list of what are the top niches on YouTube.

20 Most Profitable (and Best Paid) YouTube Niches

Don’t worry, we will choose a good YouTube niche for your channel too. But now, how about getting an idea by taking a look at the 20 most popular YouTube niches?

1. Gaming

Image of a blog with game console and YouTube logos

There is a niche that has influenced not only YouTube but also all other social media channels: Gaming! Now we will tell you a logical reason why your YouTube niche should be gaming.

Do you know who earns the most on YouTube? Almost half of the top ten are gamers! Yes, we think this has given you enough desire.

You can create content on many different topics with the gaming niche. For example, you can record and upload a video while playing a video game, share various strategies and create your own community.

Comment and play video games live, share news, and analyze games. Generate revenue through advertising, video game brand sponsorships, and viewer donations.

2. Funny Videos

You know, we all need a little laugh… In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why people spend hours on YouTube! People want to get away from the stress of daily life and have some fun.

Did you know that MrBeast is famous for his funny and entertaining content? Discover how to go viral on YouTube like MrBest and create videos suitable for your niche.

Create humorous and entertaining content to make viewers laugh. Generate income through advertising, brand sponsorships, and sales of related merchandise.

3. Music

A man with musical equipment at his desk is playing music via computer

Starting out as an artist on YouTube can generate more income than you think. If you can make your musical talents reach large audiences, then you will increase your YouTube revenues.

Offer tutorials on musical instruments, music production, and album reviews. Generate income through advertising, course sales, and collaborations with instrument brands.

4. Education

How about creating content in an area you are an expert in? You can focus on how to grow your YouTube channel with education, which is one of the most profitable niches. At the same time, you can ensure that your subscribers benefit from your information.

Create educational content and tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Generate income through advertising, sponsorships, and sales of courses or educational materials.

5. Personal Finance

A woman with financial papers on her desk

What is the most popular niche on YouTube? Let’s think about it. We can reach the personal finance niche by starting from the fact that people do not know how to manage their earnings. That’s why they want to get an opinion or advice from someone else.

Provide advice on investing, saving, and financial management. Attract an audience interested in improving their economic situation, generating income through advertising and promotions.

6. Lifestyle

You can define your niche as lifestyle by producing content in the fields of fashion, travel, nutrition or sports. When creating lifestyle content, try to stay engaged with your subscribers whenever possible.

This way, you can achieve more growth by showing that your channel is an active account. You can increase your interaction rate by focusing on how you get more YouTube comments.

  • Share techniques and tips for practicing meditation and yoga.
  • Share delicious recipes, cooking tips, and reviews of kitchen utensils.
  • Teach gardening techniques, landscaping, and plant care.

7. Technology

A work environment with computers on the table

You better realize that YouTube is full of tech nerds. Content creators who produce in the field of technology tend to be very popular accounts. People discover how to use a product they have bought or will buy on YouTube.

Analyze and compare electronic devices, offer tutorials and tips to get the most out of them. Profitability comes from collaborations and affiliate programs.

8. Beauty and Fashion

Who wouldn’t be interested in a glam makeup tutorial? The beauty and fashion niche is perhaps the most popular among YouTube niches. By combining this niche with lifestyle, you can have a high potential to create very different content.

Covers makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and product reviews. Revenue is generated through collaborations with brands and affiliate programs.

9. Real Estate and Housing

Creating content in the real estate field means having a special community. Because once the enthusiasts of this field subscribe, they can drown you in interaction.

Comment on the real estate market, tips for buying or renting homes, and interior design. Generate income through advertising, collaborations with real estate agencies, and advisory service sales.

10. Food

A man films himself with food in his hand

Delicious, mouth-watering cooking videos that make us want to watch the recipes again! Moreover, you can shoot such videos in your own kitchen. After all, sincerity is what users love most.

If you are wondering how much does a small YouTube channel earn, the answer is in the content creators with a food niche. Because their income is quite high with the highest watch hours.

11. Fitness

The fitness niche is one of the most interesting areas for sports lovers. You can create fitness routines for your subscribers, try various sports workouts, and share encouraging content for them.

12. Travel

Who wouldn’t be captivated by the charm of a seaside town in Italy? However, Italy is just one of many incredible destinations for your travel videos. This is simply an illustrative example. 

Feel free to share valuable travel insights, including details on what makes each place renowned, recommended attractions to explore, culinary delights to savor, and ideal accommodations to stay.

13. Astronomy

astronomy chart

Crafting horoscope comments can be among the most delightful topics to explore! What’s more, the horizon of this subject is boundless: from daily and weekly horoscopes to lunar and solar eclipses, the possibilities are endless. If you possess expertise in this field, your knowledge can fuel engaging content creation.

15. Literature

If you’re a bookworm, here’s a great niche for you! You may have seen the BookTok trend that emerged on TikTok – almost a literary trend… You can review the books you read, make new book recommendations and start your own book club on YouTube.


For those who like to spend time in nature, it may be recommended to choose the Nature niche. You can share content about how to care for plants, what kinds of plants there are, and all other things in nature.


A woman looks at the abacus with three children, one of the children smiles at the camera

You may see parents sharing information about childcare in the YouTube community. You too can grow on YouTube by sharing your expert knowledge on this subject.


If you’re interested in politics, share your comments with your community. Show your investigative personality by focusing on new news.

19. Organization

A wardrobe and clothes

Home, office, garden and more… There is no limit to the content when it comes to organization. Share the most useful organization tips with your subscribers.


Do it Yourself products are especially of interest to Pinterest. People can show a lot of interest in DIY videos, even if it’s just to get a hobby.

Final Thoughts:

We shared with you the 20 most popular niches on YouTube. However, the niches you choose are not limited to these only!

Fitness, Travel, Family, Childcare, Spirituality, Photography, History, Culture, Politics, News, Astronomy, Books, Literature, Environment, Nature and more. There are so many niches to choose from! The sky’s the limit!

But now, as promised, let’s get back to the topic of how to find your niche on YouTube.

How to Find Your Niche on Youtube?

A blog image of a tablet screen with the text Find your niche, a cup of coffee and a pen

We’ll give you a few tips on finding your niche, the one thing that will make you a popular channel. This way, you can choose your target audience and optimize your content in the best way possible.

1. What do you like? In other words, what are your talents?

We have shared many different YouTube niches with you above. Which ones did you like? Which ones do you have talent in? When we say talent, we don’t necessarily mean being a great singer. Anything can be a talent.

For example, maybe your speaking skills are strong! Then you can make motivational videos for people. But think about this carefully. Just because a food niche is popular and you don’t know how to cook at all, you can’t make it your niche.

2. What are your goals?

If there is more than one field you are interested in and you cannot decide which niche you should choose, then think about your goal. 

For example, you may aim to make money by joining the YouTube Partner Program. Or maybe you want to create a community just for you.

Find your goal and go from there. When your goal and your skills combine, you will find the right niche.

3. What are your competitors doing?

Take a look at what others are doing in the niche you’re interested in. More basically, do competitor research. This does not mean copy the same channel’s content. Just think about whether you can produce similar content or even more interesting content by getting ideas.

Checking out your competitors lets you see how much engagement their channels are getting. How many average likes do they have, how many subscribers do they have, what are their viewing numbers? In short, take a look at the interaction rates.

Now that you have chosen your niche when starting a YouTube channel, you are ready. Now it’s time to grow your channel and become one of the popular accounts!

You may encounter many difficulties on the way to becoming a popular account. If you don’t get the interaction you want, remember that you can always buy interaction at affordable prices. 

Newly launched channels can support organic interaction by purchasing likes, views and subscribers.

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frequently asked questions

Which is the best niche for YouTube?

The most popular YouTube niches lately are gaming, beauty, makeup and entertainment.

What is the easiest niche on YouTube?

Niches such as lifestyle, nutrition, product promotion and education are popular on YouTube. The easiest YouTube niche depends on your interests and abilities. Each of them has its own difficulty and ease.

Can I have more than 1 niche on YouTube?

It is not recommended to acquire more than one niche. Instead, it is recommended to evaluate a single niche from different perspectives. Thus, both regular and consistent content can be created.


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