What really happens when you Buy Instagram Followers (Explained)

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Buying followers on Instagram and any other social network is the fastest and most effective growth strategy. You can’t experience such a huge change in such a short time in any other way. But what actually happens when buying Instagram followers?

Many people discard the service because they believe it will be detrimental to their account. To disprove this, we explain in detail what happens after the purchase of followers.

What happens right after buying followers?

The first thing you should know is that the results are not immediate. Do not hurry if you see that you have paid for the service and your followers do not go up in the first few minutes.

The first results start to be noticed one hour later. However, this may fluctuate depending on the state of the service.

On the other hand, the total number of followers can go up and down during the first few hours. Why does this happen? Instagram deletes those profiles that may have made massive follows and, therefore, perform suspicious activity.

There are two reasons for peace of mind:

  1. Your account will not be compromised at any time.
  2. Amedia Social will once again increase the number of followers until it reaches the contracted number.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase your followers on a Friday or holiday, the service will be processed the following Monday after the purchase is made. In any case, you will receive an email or notification with all the details of the purchase.

Of course, you can contact Amedia Social whenever you need to. If you need any information or believe you have experienced any setbacks, our professional support team will be happy to assist you.

What does Amedia Social do to increase an account’s followers?

In basic terms, our service consists of setting up the process for thousands of profiles to execute predefined actions on a given profile.

These actions may include following a profile, but it works the same way for commenting, subscribing to a YouTube channel or viewing a video.

It is true that Instagram works to hinder the automatic actions of these profiles, but at Amedia Social we guarantee that the growth process takes place.

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Why is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

These are the three main reasons.

1. They are real followers

By buying Instagram followers on Amedia Social, you are buying real followers.

This means that users who follow your profile after purchase have a real profile picture and description, just like any other user on the social network.

2. Growth is gradual

Although followers begin to increase 1 hour after purchase, growth is gradual.

This means that if, for example, we have contracted 2,000 followers, the counter will not automatically increase by 2,000. Followers are added as the hours go by.

With this in mind, there is no reason for Instagram to impose any kind of penalty on our customers, let alone delete their account.

In fact, throughout our history, no one has ever been penalized for using Amedia Social‘s services.

3. The purchase process is secure

Of course, this security is present during the purchase.

  • First of all, because we have secure payment methods that guarantee the service.
  • Secondly, because we guarantee customer privacy.
  • Finally, because in no case is it necessary for you to provide your Instagram password.

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