What Happens When You Buy Followers?

Amedia Social is the only company in the industry that has no problem explaining how we get your social networks to grow at an accelerated rate. Find out what it means to get followers, how we achieve it, what things can happen, and above all: what differentiates us from the rest of the competition.

How Are Followers Acquired?

Social networks enable access to their different features through specialized programming. This capability fosters the creation of thousands of profiles programmed to perform predefined actions such as following, liking, commenting, subscribing, and viewing posts & videos, to name a few.

This functionality empowers us to offer services like 10,000 Views, 50,000 followers, or 4,000 watch hours, for instance.

Do Social Networks Allow Bots?

Social platforms actively strive to exterminate bots, regularly enhancing their systems and imposing increasing restrictions to impede bot activities. Whenever platforms like Instagram upgrade their systems, new developments are meticulously studied and initiated to rebuild the affected “bots”.

What Could Happen When Purchasing Followers, Views, Hours, etc.?

Most of the time the services we offer at Amedia Social work perfectly. However, the truth is that when social networks are updated, it takes a certain amount of time to be able to return to normal service.

Facing Any Problems? Here’s How We Solve Them!😃

Some Followers May be Identified & Removed As Bots.

Don’t worry! The Amedia Social team will automatically upgrade all services again.

Additionally, if you are within the warranty period, feel free to reach out to us via the Chat tab located at the bottom right of the screen.

Please have your order number in hand (e.g.: #397947), and we’ll manually boost your Followers/Views/Subs/Hours/Likes as soon as possible.

Contact Support Team

Order Not Started?

We diligently and manually process orders from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (Spanish time). Usually, it takes around 12 hours to begin seeing results. However, modifications to a social network’s system can occasionally cause slight delays. Rest assured, all orders are ultimately fulfilled.

If your order hasn’t kicked off due to our working hours but is already processed, we appreciate your patience. If 48 hours pass without receiving your order, kindly open the chat tab and select “my order status” to report any issues. Our team will address it promptly.

YouTube Hours Stalled?

While uncommon, if you’ve bought watch hours for your YouTube channel and notice a halt in the upload progress before reaching the agreed number, please send us a screenshot via chat and select “order status.” Include the hours recorded at the time of purchase and the current hours. This enables us to promptly verify and complete your order.


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