The 5 essential reasons to buy views on YouTube

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In order to grow faster and monetize their channels, many people choose to buy views on YouTube

This is not surprising, since its arrival in 2005, YouTube has not stopped growing. YouTube has grown so much that it has now become the most important video and streaming platform in the world.

The platform has many uses, from entertainment to advertising to digital marketing videos. Every way you look at it, this platform is a great way to reach and connect with more people.


What good are YouTube views to me?

YouTube views are used to measure the popularity of a video. The more views a video has, the more likely it is to show up in the top search results.

In short, it ranks better within the platform itself, as the algorithm uses this data to show the best content to users.

They are also often used by content creators to measure the success of their work and by advertisers to determine on which video to place their ads.


5 reasons to buy views on YouTube

At Amedia Social we are experts in social media and online growth. We have years of experience helping our clients grow their social media profiles. 

This allows us to have our own criteria about the benefits of buying views on YouTube and today we will tell you about each of them.

1. Increase the visibility and reach of your content.

It’s no secret to anyone that Youtubers are increasingly striving to get their content seen by more and more people. 

And well, for most of them, YouTube has become their job and their income will be proportional to the amount of views on their videos.

Therefore, the biggest benefit you will get by buying views on YouTube is to better position your content. This way you will be able to stand out from the rest and the algorithm will make more people find you and, therefore, get to know your channel.


2. Gain volume

Just as buying views on your YouTube videos will help you improve your reach, it will also allow you to gain volume. Simply put, volume of views refers to the number of views in short periods of time.

While a video may have thousands of views over time, its impact is gradual as opposed to buying views, as the impact will be immediate. This serves as a clear signal to the YouTube algorithm, telling it that your channel is relevant to that particular topic.


3. Affirm your brand

The reach you get from buying views for your videos also transforms into trust for your brand. A YouTube channel about cars that has 100 views on its videos is not the same as one that has 10,000.

This happens because people unconsciously value content more without seeing it simply because they see large numbers. This phenomenon is called the “Herd” effect and refers to group behavior.

That is, if a group of people do a certain activity, individuals follow them to be part of the group. If a person is looking for a video on a certain topic, they will generally gravitate towards the one with the most interactions.

Likewise, boosting your videos by buying views will end up attracting organic views and will ultimately grow your channel further.


4. Gain more subscribers

At this point we’ve already talked about many reasons why buying views on YouTube is a fantastic way to grow. 

But you should also keep in mind that just as a video with more views attracts more people, this can also gain you subscribers. 

In the same way that a person finds a video with many interactions and decides to watch it, this same person also tends to subscribe to see more similar content.


5. Activate YouTube monetization

The last of the reasons and perhaps the one that most people are interested in is the monetization of YouTube. In order to get it unlocked, YouTube asks for a series of requirements to be met and among them is a minimum number of Views.

Meeting the minimum amount required by YouTube is not an easy task and this is one of the most important reasons. By buying Views you can meet this requirement faster and get your monetization.

This is something that many content creators pursue, because they want to be able to dedicate themselves fully to their channels and make a living from it. 


Buy YouTube views with Amedia Social

You can buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers with us and accelerate your monetization process.

Sometimes it becomes complicated to meet the requirements that YouTube requires for content creators to be part of its partner program and monetize their channel. 

What do you say, we boost your channel?


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