15 Best Social Media AI Tools to Boost Your Workflow

Best Social Media AI Tools

Gone are the days when creating content for social media and managing it was time-consuming and daunting. Several AI tools are out there that revolutionize how you create social media content. However, now, the challenging part is that there are many tools, and you will only need a few of them. 

So, let’s check out the best social media AI tools that can help you create, manage, and succeed on different social media platforms. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media AI Tools? 

Knowing the benefits of using social media AI tools can help you better understand which tool to choose. Therefore, we check out their benefits before introducing the best social media AI tools. How can these tools help you? 

1-Simplifying Content Generation

With the help of AI-powered tools, content creators can generate high-quality posts, captions, and hashtags optimized for engagement and reach. It can accelerate the process of content creation for social media. 

2- Analyzing Social Media Performance 

Although each platform has its own built-in tool to show the overall performance of your account, you can still take advantage of AI tools for analytics. These tools can provide real-time insights into audience behavior, the other subjects they like and follow, or their engagement metric. 

By analyzing data on likes, shares, comments, and clicks, AI can identify patterns and trends that can inform content strategy and improve targeting.

3- Efficient Social Media Planning

Managing multiple social media accounts can be challenging due to the need to create and post unique content for each platform. Although you can have the same idea for all the platforms, you might need to create different types of content, from images and video to text and voice. 

Furthermore, scheduling posts is not still available on all platforms. Therefore, you will need a tool to give ideas about content creation of different types and allow you to schedule each post in advance. That’s possible with the best social media AI tools.

4- Better Audience Targeting 

Since AI tools can analyze the behavior of users and discover their interests, demographics, or other subjects they follow, they can help you deliver better content and target audiences who are more aligned with your business or objective.  

Best Social Media AI Tools 

Now that we know how social media AI tools can help your business, it’s time to introduce some of the best tools:  

1-Vista Social – The Best Tool to Connect Social Media Platforms 

Are you looking for an all-in-one AI tool that allows you to plan everything from publishing to replying to comments and creating engagement? you can do all with Vista Social AI tool. 

Vista social ai tool home page

Vista Social Features 

  • Manage comments: Reply to messages and comments automatically. 
  • Translate your content: This tool allows you to translate your text to any other language to grab the attention of an international audience. 
  • Write engaging captions: You can give hints to this tool about the subject you want to write about. Then, capture your followers’ attention by adding a joke to make your posts more memorable than straightforward marketing messages.
  • Collect trends: Search hashtags to find what’s trending in your niche. You can collect the trending posts into your library for further usage. 
  • Schedule posts: Using the content calendar on this website, you can plan the whole week and schedule a post in advance. 

This tool is available on the web, Android, and iOS and has a limited free version. 

2- Buffer – The Best Tool to Schedule Posts 

One of the best features Buffer has as an AI tool is idea generation, which allows you to give short or long content and take out their main idea. In the next step, you can use this tool to create content based on those ideas. As you can see, you can generate fast and engaging content for your social media platforms. 

buffer social media ai tool homepage

Buffer Features

  • Brainstorm ideas: If you don’t have a large team to gather and brainstorm about your social media content creation, Buffer can give you great ideas. You only need to define the subject and gather the ideas it provides. 
  • Social media analytics: You can track the performance of your posts on different social media platforms and create a report with a few clicks. This feature can tell you how one subject may perform differently on various social media platforms. 
  • Improve engagement: You can see all the comments you receive on different social media platforms all in Buffer’s dashboard, making it easier for you to respond quickly. This will increase your engagement with your followers. You can then calculate your Instagram engagement rate to see how well it has helped you improve it. 

Buffer has a free version with limited features. It is available on the web, Android, and iOS. 

3- Ocoya – Caption Writing Tool 

Is it difficult for you to write captions for Instagram or other social media platforms? Get help from Ocoya, a caption-writing tool that can make your social media marketing easier and faster. 

Ocoya social media ai tool homepage

Ocoya Features

  • Content writing: The main feature of Ocoya is its content writing ability, which is as professional as a copywriter. 
  • Post scheduling: You can schedule the posts on different social media platforms, so you won’t need to post daily. 
  • AI-assist: Ocoya is not just for writing captions; it can brainstorm with you for better topics and ideas. 

4- Taplio – The AI Tool for LinkedIn Growth 

Creating content on a platform like LinkedIn is not easy. Whether you are a person looking for a job or have created a business page on LinkedIn, you need to be professional in what you say or express on this platform. Taplio can help you create content, schedule it, and build more relationships on this platform. 

Taplio AI tool homepage

Taplio Features

  • AI-powered content creation: With the help of AI, create content for your posts or messages. 
  • Schedule LinkedIn posts: Be an active user on LinkedIn without having to spend all your time on this platform. Create your posts and schedule them to be posted during the week. 
  • Build Engagement: Find content that is related to your business or profession. Comment on the posts to get noticed by others. 
  • Analyze your LinkedIn Statistics: This tool creates reports on your LinkedIn performance, making it possible to analyze what works well on this platform. 

What Else Can Help You Grow on LinkedIn?

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5- OwlyWriter AI – Best AI Content Creation Tool for Social Media

Some people are not comfortable with writing stories or captions. But with the evolution of AI writers, writing engaging captions for social media is easier than before. OwlyWriter AI is a tool designed by Hootsuite to simplify the process of content creation on social media platforms. 

OwlyWriter ai tool home page

OwlyWriter Features

  • Generate Captions: You can tell your ideas to this tool to create an engaging caption for your social media platforms. 

6- Midjourney – Create Social Media Graphics 

You definitely need engaging images for your social media, especially if you want to get more likes on Instagram and other visual-based platforms. Now, you can easily depict whatever you have in mind with the help of Midjourney. That’s why it is known as the best social media AI tool for creating graphics.

Midjournet graphic ai tool home page

Midjourney Features: 

  • Define what’s on your mind and let this tool create your imagination. 

7- Synthesia – AI Tool for Video Production 

Are you uncomfortable being in front of the camera? With Synthesia, you won’t need to worry about creating video any more. Your AI avatar can talk to your audience. You only need to write your message and turn your text into video in a few minutes. 

Synthesia Video ai tool homepage

Synthesia Features: 

  • AI avatars: You can choose among more than 160 characters. 
  • AI voice: More than 120 voices are available that you can even change the language and accent. 
  • Video templates: Each video can have a different background and template. You can choose from 60 pre-designed templates on the website. 
  • Custom avatar design: Don’t you like the pre-designed characters? You can create your own avatar via this feature. 

8- Podcastle – Best AI Tool for Voiceover Content

Do you want to create a podcast on Spotify or other platforms? Podcastle is your AI assistant during the production process. One of the best things that this tool can do is to dust off all the noises around your recorded voice, adding to the quality of your podcast. 

Podcastle homepage

Podcastle Features

  • Revoice: If you are not satisfied with your voice, you can ask the tool to clone your own voice and recreate your speech. 
  • Audio Editing: When recording audio, some noises might be around you that impact the quality of your voice. This tool helps you remove these unwanted sounds. 
  • Audio to Text: Don’t you have time to type what you say? Don’t worry, the Podcastle can write what you say. It is the best option if you want to have a transcript for your video or podcast. 

9- NetBase Quid – Social Media AI Tool for Analytics 

As a startup business, you will need a tool to help you recognize your customers to create a marketing strategy accordingly. That’s when NetBase Quid will come to play. It is known as an AI-driven market intelligence that can analyze various data from different sources like web pages, social media, articles, reviews, etc. 

This data can speed up the process of recognizing customers and competitors. Furthermore, it is the best AI tool to find trends. 

Quid social media ai tool homepage

NetBase Quid Features: 

  • Marketing Insights: By analyzing data gathered from different sources, and using Generative AI, the Quid can understand the consumer behavior and predict market shift. It will help you stay ahead of your competitors on the market. 
  • Consumer Insights: See how your customers behave, what they like and how you can attract them. 
  • Data Science: Take advantage of advanced analytics. Make data-driven strategies. 

10- Audiense – Best AI Tool for Twitter 

Most of the social media AI tools are used for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, which are more popular among businesses. But, what about Twitter? How to get followers on Twitter

Audiense is a social media AI tool designed specifically for Twitter. It can create a complete report about your audience. You only need to have a public profile. 

Audiense AI tool homepage

Audiense Features

  • Twitter management: If you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool, Audiense can help you find followers and manage your online presence on this platform. 
  • Consumer behavior analytics: By analyzing the behavior of Facebook and Instagram users, this tool can create reports about them, from their demographics to what they like. 
  • Demand intelligence: Understanding consumer’s demands can help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

What Else Can Help You Grow on Twitter? 

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11- Invideo – Video Content Creation Tool

Creating and editing high quality video is not easy for everyone. But, with the Invideo AI tool it will get easier, even for individuals who don’t know anything about video editing. Now you can easily create video out of text! This tool will receive your text prompts and create what you have asked. Easy, quick, and fun! Isn’t it? 

invideo ai tool homepage

Invideo Features

  • Video templates: You can find more than 5000 video templates on this website, allowing you to create a well-designed video. 
  • YouTube video editor: Creating fun and exciting video is one of the most important things that can help you grow your YouTube channel. Using this tool, you can add creativity to your videos to make them more fun to your audience. 
  • Text-to-video tool: Explain what you want to be in your video, Invideo will create a video for that. 
  • AI-talking avatar: Create a character for your business, add a voice to it, and use this human-like character anytime you want. 

12-  ContentStudio – The AI Tool to Manage Social Media Accounts 

Do you want to have access to all your social media accounts in one dashboard? ContentStudio makes it easier for you to manage several profiles without having to switch between different apps. 

ContentStudio ai tool for social media

ContentStudio Features 

  • AI hashtag generator: You can make your content more discoverable by using the right hashtags. ContentStudio can help you find the best hashtags for each post to increase your visibility. 
  • Post scheduling: You can plan your publications in advance. Schedule your posts in one day. You can spend other days brainstorming about the content of next week. 
  • Caption writer: Let the AI tool write the caption for you. Just write ideas that you have for your post and ask this tool to create different captions. 

13. Copy.ai – Your AI Writing Assistant

So far, you may be familiar with ChatGPT, the most popular AI tool on the market. The Copy.ai has so much in common with ChatGPT, it can generate text or caption for your social media platforms. 

copy.ai tool for social media

Copy.ai Features 

  • Social media content creation: Write engaging captions and stories for your social media platforms.
  • Translation: You can use this feature to quickly translate the content of your website to another language. 

14. Lately – Social Media AI for Marketing 

Whether you want to create content for social media or automate its posting, Lately is smart enough to do all you want. It never stops learning! You can give it data from your previous blog posts or social media profiles to train this AI to follow your tone of voice and other rules you have for content creation.

lately ai tool for social media

Lately Features 

  • Trainable AI: As mentioned, you can train this AI to act exactly how you want. 
  • AI content write: Lately is another great AI tool for content writing. 
  • Social media analytics: It’s essential to analyze the content you publish on different social media platforms to discover what type of content is more appealing to your audience. 
  • Scheduling and publishing: Plan the post publications on different social media accounts. 

15. Flick – Social Media Marketing AI 

Repurpose your current idea and create several content out of it using the Flick AI tool. Take advantage of its professional copywriting skills to speed up the process of content creation for Instagram. From writing content to choosing and following hashtags, Flick will be the best AI assistant tool at your hand. 

flick ai tool homepage

Flick Features 

  • Instagram hashtag generator: Do you know which hashtags to use for your posts? Flick helps you find the best and trending hashtags related to each post. 
  • Hashtag tracking: Which hashtags bring more views to your post? Flick analyzes the performance of each hashtag and tracks the number of views you receive based on each hashtag.
  • Post scheduling: Create content with the help of flick and plan its publication. You can schedule each post to be published on a specific date automatically. 

How to Choose the Best Social Media AI Tool?

With too many social media AI tools available, it might be hard to decide which one to use. Here are some tips: 

1-Try the Free Version 

You should definitely go for a tool that has a free version. So you have time to check its performance and see if it works well for your project. 

2- Fact-Check the Information 

AI tools are not as updated as humans. They may have some mistakes. It’s better to fact-check everything they produce to ensure you are choosing the most updated tool. 

3- Collect Audience Ideas 

In the end, you want to create content that appeals to your audience. While checking out the free versions of tools, keep an eye on your audience’s reaction to the posts or images you create via these tools. You can discover which tool creates more engaging content. 

Bottom Line 

AI tools are here to simplify your content creation. However, all of them might not be useful, you should find the one that is suitable for your business or project. On this list of top social media AI tools, we tried to gather the most well-known tools on the market. It is recommended to try the free versions and decide on one of two tools for your social media management or content creation. 


Is there an AI social media manager?

Yes, there are AI-powered social media management tools and platforms that can automate various aspects of social media management. These tools utilize AI algorithms to schedule posts, analyze engagement metrics, recommend content, and even respond to basic customer inquiries.

How can social media managers use AI?

There are several ways that social media managers can take advantage of AI tools, including content planning, caption writing, video and voice editing, and scheduling posts on different platforms. They can also collect data to analyze their customers’ performance. 

Can AI design social media posts?

From caption writing to image or video creation, you can count on AI in all the steps of social media content creation to management.